Monster Girls

Monster Girls

Monsters, Girls, but mostly Monster Girls

Chapter 1 by SilverSpectre006 SilverSpectre006

Greetings, and enter the world of Terracota where people of all races of fantasy coexist. A place where anything is possible, where fantasy becomes reality, a place of monsters, girls, and monster girls.

Here you may find any tales of erotic nature taking a glimpse into the lives of the folk of Terracota. Where a monster hunter will do anything to fullfill his mission at a more personal cost, where a vampiress embraces her sexual nature and prowess, or where a succubus struggles to feed day by day by any means necessary. Anything goes in this world, and if you have any stories to add to it please feel free to share.

Enjoy, and if you wish to see any new stories or have a request to see a new monster featured, feel free to ask and you shall receive. Also please let me know of any grammatical errors, i'm afraid a few of them slip through and i would rather not ruin the mood with a typo XD thanks.

She is here: The Bloody Mary has arrived! Hope you guys enjoy a bit of erotic horror to her, any suggestions for her story let me know!

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