Mommy Mounds

Mommy Mounds


Chapter 1 by Goofrgaff Goofrgaff

"Huh?" I gasp as I wake up to the sound of car tires going off the side of the road. "Where are we?"

"Near Tuscaloosa baby. I was hoping I could make it home before I started leaking but I really need to pump. I know it'll be awkward for you but will it bother you if I pump while you drive for a bit?" My mom replies as I begin to notice the wet spots on her shirt.

"Oh yeah sure I'll be fine." I say very groggily.

This is weird I've never seen my mom's tits before. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to sometimes. Those things are huge and kinda perky. Especially for their size. To be honest most of my mother would turn most guys on. She's got long, curly red hair and bluish grey eyes. Plus, she's got a PHAT ass and legs that reach all the way to the floor if you catch my drift. I digress. This will be very awkward though.

Now as to why my mom still has breastmilk 18 years after the birth of her only child. It has to be a hassle. Right? Well it is but she doesn't mind. She pumps her milk for orphan babies. She's always been strangley charitable. We have ten dogs that she found wondering around the streets that the rescue wouldn't take. She's a strange woman but I love her to death.

I step out of the truck and stretch for a minute. I am not looking forward to having to drive the rest of the way but she's been driving since we left my grandparent's house in Knoxville so I guess it's only fair. I guess I'll tou-----

"OH GOD!" I hear from the back of the car.

"Momma what's wrong?" I say walking over to the bed of the truck.

"I LEFT MY BREAST PUMP IN KNOXVILLE!" Mom replies looking baffled

"Ok, umm, let me check the car for bottles that you could spray into."

"There aren't any. I threw away all our bottles at the last gas station we stopped at."

"Ok then, what are our options?"

What are your options?

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