Momma's Boy

Momma's Boy

A tale of a Mother and Son growing closer than ever.

Chapter 1 by Genericc616 Genericc616

Abby and Matt had always had a strong bond, even for a mother and son, the two were near inseparable in Matt's early years, and had continued spending a lot of time together through the years. Abby had almost single-handedly raised Matt, as Tobias her former husband seemed to focus more on work, and drifted more and more apart.

Tobias and Abby had been the atypical high school sweethearts, making plans to explore the world together and start up their own business together, life, however, had other plans for the pair. Some nights when Abby was alone in her big bed, she'd wonder how different her life might have been had she pushed Tobias away that drunken night.

Had she remembered to pick up more condoms, or not let a drunk and horny Tobias convince her to have sex despite a lack of condoms. Had she pushed him off her rather than let him slide his raw cock into her unprotected pussy, with his false promises about pulling out. Had she ignored Tobias' words about it taking couples months to conceive and to not waste money on the morning after pill.

Abby always came back to the same conclusion, in those long and often lonely nights. That reckless night of passion had led to Matt being born, and there wasn't anything she treasured more in the world than her wonderful son. Yes, she was devastated when Tobias confessed to the number of affairs and his desire to separate, but any alternative where Matt didn't exist didn't seem worthwhile.

From the day Abby gave birth to Matt, she had spent every waking moment, she could, looking after him and showering him with love and affection, with punishing him when he did wrong being one of the hardest things she had to do. Matt loved his mother dearly and treasured all the time they spent together growing up, she was more than a mother, she was a great friend that tried her best to join in with his increasingly nerdy interests.

Matt was a handsome young man, he was often shy and quiet around strangers, but among friends was had an uncanny charm and confidence that always made Abby wonder why she hadn't seen Matt with a girlfriend. Matt did have plenty of friends which were girls, as while he did tend to gravitate towards the nerdier hobbies there a good deal of girls into them too. With the charm and confidence he had around friends and as handsome as he was, he could have had his pick of any of the girls that he spent time with.

Matt had no trouble decided who he would live with when his father told him that he was divorcing Abby, he had no trouble expressing his feelings on the subject, much to Abby's hidden delight. Naturally, Abby didn't handle the divorce well falling into a bad state of depression, and Matt made sure that he was on hand to cheer her up whenever she was feeling down. It was hard work ensuring he studied enough to keep his grades up and spending as much time with Abby, but it was something he was happy to do. A lot of what he and Abby did together was reminiscent of the things they did together growing up.

At the end of a troubling time, Matt had managed to graduate with much better grades than he had expected, and Abby was finally out of her depression smiling even more than she had done before the divorce. The mother and son had come together under the difficulties they faced and were now even closer than ever, with either only needed to look at the other to make them smile, a hint of something stirring within them each time they saw one and other, something new.

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