Millennials Top The Universe

Millennials Top The Universe

Modern youths (not adolescents) dominate the arena with their very own mystical beasts and magical servants...

Chapter 1 by Homely Harem Homely Harem

Author's note:
~ Basically if you've ever played Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters! or Pokémon, then you'll be pleasantly familiar to the battle scenarios and how to stat system should eventually work. This will be greatly similar to the aforementioned with pretty much the same concept in storytelling but different with not very subtle sex scenes that play out between characters.

The setting is universal, with the character (who you will have the choice of playing as) aiming to gain superficiality and become an international ... NO UNIVERSAL celebrity! Anime tropes that are allowed: Moe, lolita, futanari (girls with dicks), traps (boys dressed like cute girls), kemonomimi (animal eared characters). _Other things that can be allowed to be included: furries, anthros, superheroes - I may add more onto the list when I can think of them.

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