Me, My Aunt, and Cousin

Me, My Aunt, and Cousin

An accidental affair that goes beyond taboo.

Chapter 1 by StoneBurke1 StoneBurke1

It has been said that life is full of little surprises and in my case, it was true saying in more ways than one. This would become the summer of my sudden life-changing experience, this would be the summer of seeing far more of my aunt and cousin that would not be considered proper by normal society. It was also the summer that true love came into my life.

I had left town for two weeks after my relationship with my girlfriend kind of slowly melted away so I decided that leaving town would be a good way to get over losing a girlfriend.

Upon my return home, my parents had to suddenly leave town on a business trip while I stayed home to work at the main office. My job was something along the lines of an assistant manager or something like that, I just couldn't remember the title my father gave me. The work I did wasn't all that hard after all it was what I learned to do in school but it can become a bit boring and I always try to find some way to alleviate that boredom.

During one of the duller times, I happened to come across one of my female employees a young just out of college who happened to be using one of the vacant lunchrooms to play with herself. I entered quietly and watched while she fingered her pussy. I waited knowing that I was enjoying the noise she was making but I only waited for a moment or so before I spoke. "Good afternoon Susan," I said softly so as not to scare her too much. " Although she started and her face turned a bright red she didn't jump up and scream. "You might enjoy yourself more if you opened your blouse and played with your tits."

I guess Susan must have thought that I wouldn't let her leave or that I would "rat" her out to her friends. (I wouldn't have said a word.) Susan undid the buttons of her blouse and pulled her bra from her breasts. Her breasts were beautiful and if I had a guess she was a large C- cup or a small D. I urged her to continue. "No reason to be shy," I said. "Pull your skirt up a bit more if you would I would love to see your pussy."

"Yes, Mr. {lastname}," She said. I told her to continue what she was doing and she obeyed me without question. "I can't seem to help myself." She said. "I need to make myself cum several times a day."

"Do you think that I might be of some help?" I asked.

I could see Susan's eyes widen as I moved closer while I unzipped my pants. "You look to me as though you need more than fingers. You can say no if you want." I was now standing in front of her and with the slow easy motion that I had practiced with my former girlfriend I reached out and cupped one of her naked breasts. I have to admit it felt really good in my hand so I gave her tit a gentle squeeze and she gasped and while her mouth was slightly open I bent my head to hers and I kissed her firmly on her lips. "Do you want me to stop or should I keep going? If you want me to keep going why don't you reach out and undo my belt and take my pants off."

Susan wanted me to continue for I felt her hand at my waist undoing my belt and opening my pants which soon fell to the floor. I had her remove my underpants so that she could see my erect cock. "Go ahead and touch it, that is what it is for," I told her.

Susan reached out tentatively but she finally had my cock in her hand. I could feel her hand moving slowly on my erection. I moved even closer and told her to rub the head of my cock against her nipples. I told that she should not make me cum so she let go of my cock. "Would you like me to suck it, Mr. Hart? I would be happy to suck your cock," she said while she got on her knees to take me into her warm mouth. I had her remove her blouse and bra. "Your cock is so warm and hard Mr. {lastname}," she told me as she kissed the tip of my cock before putting it into her mouth. What amazed me was that she was still playing with her pussy while she performed oral sex on me.

I knew that I was about to cum so I moved back and told Susan to get onto the table. "I want to put my cock into your pussy, would that be all right with you?"

"Yes, Mr. {lastname} it's alright with me, after all, I am very horny and I am so close to having an orgasm," Susan said as she spread her legs.

I tried to insert my cock into her pussy as gently as I could and being rewarded with a soft grunt from Susan told me that I was firmly inside of her. "Do you really do this every day?" I asked after the first thrust of my cock into her pussy. "And you've never been caught until now?"

I knew that this lunchroom and the rest of this area was abandoned due to upgrades that were to start soon. "I usually find a place to be alone," Susan said breathing hard as I pumped my cock in and out of her. "I didn't expect to be caught by anyone," she said. I asked her if she was upset at being caught. "No, I'm not upset, I am nervous and excited."

Susan wrapped her legs around me and I started fucking her hard. When we were both satisfied I helped her to her feet and watched while she dressed. "So, are you going to quit now that you've had sex with your boss or are you going to stay and just maybe we will have sex again."

"I'll stay thank you very much," Susan said as she finished dressing. "As for having sex with you again who knows it could happen after all it was really satisfying."

I left the old lunchroom and headed back to my office. "I was wondering what happened to you, {lastname}."

A voice from someplace to my left made me jump out of my skin. "Hi, Aunt {Aunt}. What brings you here?"

"Silly boy, we are going to lunch remember?" My Aunt {Aunt} said. I had forgotten that we had arranged to meet for lunch this afternoon. "We were going to talk about you staying at my home while your's is being renovated."

My Aunt {Aunt} is a blond-haired blue-eyed beauty who managed to keep herself in top physical form. Her breasts were at least a large B-cup or a small C-cup. Either way, they caught one's eye and they seemed to accentuate her fine figure. I have always had a secret crush on her. "Sorry for being a little late but I did make reservations at Tom's Inn just on the edge of town."

"That sounds fine after all it has been a long time since I have had a meal there," {Aunt} said while picking up her pocketbook and turned to face the door. "Oh, one more thing," she said. "Your cousin will meet us for lunch if that's alright with you."

"Not a problem at all Aunt {Aunt}, the more the merrier." I meant it since I had a crush on my cousin almost as bad as the one I had on my aunt. This was going to be the start of a very odd adventure for the three of us, but that was in the future.

Lunch with Aunt {Aunt} and Cousin {Cousin}?

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