Mask of the Beast

Mask of the Beast

Waking up to a surprise!

Chapter 1 by gorel29 gorel29

In the far reaches of the fifth dimension the pocket reality defied many things; reason, reality, fantasy… A realm home to beings capable of changing the laws of reality at the snap of a finger, in such a world anyone could have or do whatever they wanted really. But for one pans-dimensional imp it all summed up in one word.


Floating aimlessly like a party balloon in his home lair which looked like a lovely condominium overlooking a shattered cosmic event, Mr. Mxyzptlk sighed at the lack of distraction going on. Oh sure lots of things were happening, the kind of things that would make a 5 year old loaded up with chocolate and suffering from ADD and ADHD (Its hyperactive cousin) sit still and stare on forever out the window. But to the purple dressed Imp? Eh… Seen it already.

Waving a gloved hand the Imp summoned a floating television, snapping his fingers where a remote control landed in his hand. "Let’s check the boob tube and see what those mooks on Earth are doing." With each channel he passed Mxyzptlk grimaced when he popped to a news channel. There standing with a smile and shaking hands with the police captain the Flash waved to the cameras where in the background several robbers outside the city bank sat tied up and unconscious. "All in a day’s work everyone, well I’ve got to be going but don’t worry if you need me I’ll be there in a flash!"

"Bleh… Now that’s just corny!"

The next channel showed Super Girl, smiling with a blush on her face while cameras flashed in the foreground. The BACK ground however had a school bus with cheering children, recently saved from what would have been a fatal fall from a broken bridge. "Don’t worry kids, you’ll still be able to make it to school on time, be sure to give your teacher an apple on me." Waving to the kids they cheered on louder when she flew out of sight.

"Typical blonde, Hey sweat cheeks if you’re gonna wear a cheerleader’s outfit get some pompoms to go with it!"

The last channel he went to was an interview with Captain Marvel, the tall red and white caped hero smiled excitedly answering questions. "What do I fight for? Hmm… Puppies, good grades, ice cream sundaes and… OH! World Peace."

Dropping to the floor and summoning a toilet Mr. Mxyzplk barely lifted the lid in time before he began throwing up hard into the bowl, briefly looking back at the screen he saw the titular hero waving back at the camera with a puppy in his arm, which swiftly sent him back to the porcelain. "Great freakin McGirk! How can anyone be that damn goody good?!" Waving his hand and making the TV and toilet disappear the purple imp paced on the ceiling deep in thought before he snapped his fingers with a grin. "Maybe it’s all fake, maybe they’re just trying to polish their image a bit, make themselves look better than they are…"

Getting a wicked idea he snapped his fingers and a small black domino mask appeared in his hand, the thing looked harmless and innocent enough. "Ah the monster mask, haven’t used this baby in a few centuries." With a flick of his wrist the mask multiplied in his hand like the cards in a poker deck, the imp folding and shuffling the now 50 masks in his hands just as he conjured portals into the physical realm and started flicking them inside. On the other side the day had already ended and everyone was fast asleep, the heroes and heroines never noticing the masks flittered into existence in the air before landing perfectly right on their faces.

"This should make for a good laugh, if these losers are the real deal then I give up. But if it turns out that deep inside they’re a bunch of jerks than their public image is gonna be crap… And good luck polishing THAT turd! Ha ha."


With sunlight cutting through the blinds to her bedroom Dinah Laurel the Black Canary yawned, pulling the sheets off and scratching her sides and hair she wandered into the bathroom with a groggy expression. Barefoot she made her way down the hall wearing a white blouse and panties, her hair unkempt and in need of a good combing. Last night had been a tough go of it what with the muggers, the cat thieves and a bomb strapped psycho she had to deal with. Right now she wanted to just wake up to a calm and quite morning.

"The hell?" What she got was a small surprise.

Looking at her reflection while brushing her teeth Dinah found a little black domino mask on her face, the thing looking almost skin snug on her yet it was so light she never even felt it resting on her nose or eyebrows, almost like it wasn’t even there. Poking the thing with a finger and picking at its corners the blonde vigilante tried to take it off but found it was practically glued onto her face. "Sigh… Don’t tell me this is another one of Elastic Man’s pranks, son of a bitch needs to find another hobby."

Just then she winced when she felt a strange dizziness come over her, gripping the sink Dinah moaned and lifted her heaving head to look up. What she saw looking back made her blink, especially since her eyes were now golden yellow and slit like some kind of reptile!


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