Marina's Slumber Party

Rabble rousing with Marina and friends.

Chapter 1 by randodiscard randodiscard

Marina was stressed.

Really there wasn't any reason to be. This night wasn't any different than any of the others that she had had dozens of times, if not hundreds, over her life. Two friends of hers were coming over; her best friends in all the world. Sure, over the years they had drifted apart a little bit, but they had never stopped being friends.

But tonight was special. Tonight was Marina's eighteenth birthday. She was the youngest of the three. Luna had turned eighteen three months back, and Ellen's birthday had been back at almost the beginning of the year. It was supposed to be a big night, and not just because it was Marina's birthday.

In a few weeks, the three girls would be heading off to college. Each of them had chosen a different one, in a different part of the country. Marina herself was going to a state college not far from home. Luna was going to film school in another state. Ellen was going to a fancy Ivy League school in the North-West. They would always keep in touch, but all three of them knew that things would be very different from here on out. They would lead different lives, meet different people, learn different things. Those were the sort of experiences that really changed people, and as exciting as that was, it was a little scary, too.

That was why Marina had suggested the slumber party. It would be just like the ones that they had had when they were kids-- although this time they were going to be allowed to have wine in the basement. Marina's dad had accepted that so long as they had promised to make sure they stayed downstairs and kept the liquor downstairs as well. Now, Marina wasn't sure whether that would actually be happening, but it was nice of her dad to let them do this just the one time.

So Marina was stressed. But she was also very excited. It was always exciting when the three old friends could get together and do the sort of things that they had always done when they were little. Except now they were old enough to have some real fun to go along with it.

It was nearly nine o'clock, the time that she had told Luna and Ellen to arrive at. The night was about to begin, and Marina couldn't wait.

What's next?

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