Magical Morons

Magical Morons

Magic’s for the Melodramatic.

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A power that many could only imagine having, just imagine it, summoning creatures, doing spells, honestly it sounds pretty amazing.

But some powers are better left forgotten, one day the city would be plunged into chaos by evil spirits released from their containment by an unknown .


They would often forcibly merge with troubled and often evil individuals, amplifying their worst attributes and causing havoc in order to give themselves power through indulgence of said negative traits.

But thankfully after their containment broke, a contingent was activated, as four amulets flew off and were given to 4 girls in order to stop these horrific heathens.

Thus the Merri Magic Girls came into the world, doing their best to stop the Blights time and time again.

Each time said 4 girls,Penny,Natalie,Betty,and Joanne, would become Antic the Clown,Clementine the Witch,Azure The Masochist and lastly Eowyn the Executive.

Each of their more regular attributes were brought to front with their new forms, as they go about stopping any and all of their machinations whenever they could and erase any damage done by them.

However things would change, both of their ranks grew as the afflicted Blights and Amulets Spirits had completely taken over whatever was left of the humans inside after so long.

The Blights kept hidden in their own pocket space known as Bedlam to recover and recuperate whenever taking their daily dishes of defeat.

“How….. HOWWWWW!!!!!!”

The screams of failure rung as a clown blight slammed his fists onto a dark carpet in disbelief.

“There There Spiral, it’s okay to fail sometimes—“

“SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID GOOD FOR NOTHING!!!!” Shouted Spiral angrily as his mask cracked and split in anger, with black smoke slowly seeping out as the blight boy who tired to comfort him backed away in fear.

His facade slowly tired its best to rebuild itself but failed, as the Blight Boy sighed with relief he was speared for now, ghostly hands slowly hung around his body massaging it.

“Ohh……. Ummm sorry again.” He said nervously analogizing and horny from the touches.

“Careful Phantomie, you’d be wise not to start anymore trouble today with apologies.” Said a grey masked man holding up a coin and flipping it.

“Sorry Anarchy, I—“

“Can’t help it, we know, show some backbone already.” Said a tv headed man annoyed.

“Well put Showstopper, but from the many memories I’ve seen inside of his head, I’m afraid to say neither him or his human have such an appendage” Said A woman in a black skull mask joking.

“Will you all shut up.” Said Spiral angrily as his mask reformed fully.

“For once I’ll agree with him, you all are as pathetic as ever.” Said a black haired woman coming in with a girl hiding behind her, not out of fear but just to keep her distance from the other Blights currently not running amok

“Tch well well if it isn’t our supposed leader, tell me…… have the Merri Magical Mucks finally bit the dust or are we chalking this up as another failure on your part?” Asked ShowStopper acting sassy.

“You’d be wise to lose your sass , and yes…… you're all at yet another failure to bringing them down yet again.”

“Umm Miss Demeanor, please we can do better and—“

She kicked Phantomie in the face as the other blights shut up and watched her stomp on his junk.

“Tch you think you have the right to talk in my presence when you’ve done nothing of use for us?!”



Phantomie slowly licked her heels for her, she looked at the rest of them and sighed.

“Fortunately, today will be a momentous occasion, Im on the cusp of achieving a way to take down the Merri Morons once and for all!”

“You do, and what’s that?” Asked ShowStopper curiously.

“That’s for you fools to figure out, in the meantime, I still need results whenever or not it will work, now continue your mission…… and Enslave the Merri Magical Girls!!” She said walking off annoyed.

Pick your Path..

1.) ShowStopper steps into the ring to sap some poor suckers of their motivations and make them zombie like slaves for his amusement.

2.) Phantomie goes off to show some backbone.

3.) Spiral refuses to give up and heads back immediately to try and drive them mad and project their fears on them.

4.) Black Bone peered into Miss Demeanors mind and decides to go off to make the Merri Morons fall.

5.) Anarchy gets heads and decides to go off and cause some havoc and bring out the worst in others.

6.) Miss Demeanor goes to make the world kneel to her heels.

7.) The Merri Magic girls hang out.

8.) Some of the other Blights who are causing havoc on Earth.

9.) Miss Demeanor gives Seclue an important task to try and secure the item she need to enslave the Merri Magical Girls.

What's next?

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