Magic Remote Revenge

Magic Remote Revenge

A girl gets her Magic remote Revenge

Chapter 1 by Theninjagamer308 Theninjagamer308

I went to school as usual, I was in homeroom, when all of a sudden I felt my dick twitch.

I look around the room till, I see a girl who’s name was Laura, with a what looked like to be a remote. She just stared at me, and smiled and then went back to her work.

I then feel another twitch, I don’t even know Laura that well. Also why is that remote controlling my dick, she then makes my dick get so hard.

Then I was saved by the bell, thank god I thought to myself. This isn’t over between us she said with a sly grin on her face, I then feel another twitch in my dick.

How is that remote controlling me, thank god our next period together is lunch I say.

We then go to lunch, and we sit together, I then ask her why that remote can control me. Aslo I asked why’s she was doing it to me.

“Oh it’s a family air loom she said, and I’ll do whatever I want to you.” “This thing can make anybody obey me, and it can control minds, body parts you name it.”

“This remote can do anything, and I plan on having some fun with you.” “Why though I ask?” “Oh I’ve always had a crush on you silly, “wait what I say you have?”

“Yeah but you act like I never existed, I’m so sorry I treated you that way” I say hoping she wouldn’t make my dick throb again.

“Hey I wonder if you can last the whole day without cumming, I’m gonna enjoy our last class together which is history class.”

“You can’t do this to me,” “I can and I will she says teasingly.” Then lunch was over and during my next class I was wondering what she was gonna do to me after she was done playing with my dick.

The bell then rings, and I head off to my last class of the day. I then see her in the room behind me, she then waved the remote in my face.

She then pressed the button again, my dick then started to harden up. No this can’t be happening to me, my dick started to throb and pre I’m started to cum out of me.

Fuck I think to myself, I better not cum, she hits another button, I then orgasm but I do it quietly so no one notices.

I then eventually cum in my own pants, hoe humiliating I think to myself. Thank go no one could see my cum, because my underwear had soaked it all up.

“The bell then rang, and Laura said did I make you cum?” Yes I say angrily, now why don’t you go out with me and I’ll make this stop.

I then give in fine I say, good then meet me at my house later today and we’ll tlak about dating stuff.

She then walks away, and wave she the remote in my face. I then take a deep breath, then I go home to think about what my next plan of action should be.

What's next?

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