Love - Love

Love - Love

School, Sex and Tennis

Chapter 1 by darkpromise darkpromise

(Author's Note: All characters over 18 years of age. Fair warning - this isn't a quick one, there is some build up here.)

Some moments in your life are heavier than others. If you are not careful with them, these heavy moments can alter the balance of your existence. They can change who you are, who the people around you are, and what you will become.

There are moments of destiny, like the moment when I was born poor.

There are moments of knowledge, like the moment when I first held a tennis racket.

There are moments of lust, like the moment I first saw Robin Gale.

I don't know what it was about her that I so desperately desired since the first time I saw her. There are other girls with golden hair and green eyes. There are other pretty girls in the world with sexy bodies. At that moment, I thought Robin Gale was unique. It might have been the innocence in her open face that so instantly ensorcelled me. I'm not sure. It doesn't matter.

It was a bad time for me to be distracted. I about to play an important match for money I did not have, and that my family could use. I should have had more discipline and less confidence.

Dawn had just broken the horizon on a Saturday morning when I walked onto the deserted grounds of Lighthold Academy. The fancy private school had brick walls with ivy growing on them, just like they show in the movies, but 411 and I made our way over them with practiced ease. It was breaking and entering of a sort - I did was going to start school here in a few weeks on scholarship - so I told myself I belonged.

411 didn't belong. He's my best and oldest friend and, yes, that really is his name. He had it changed the day he turned eighteen. He even has it tattooed on his knuckles, and when he beats people up, he likes to say he's educated them. My mother doesn't really like me hanging out with a known gang member, but I'm a good influence on him, so she allows it. Besides, I grew up with so few friends, I think she doesn't have the heart take one away.

Tennis is a rich kid's sport - at least, that is how people treat it. When your mom is on food stamps and you decide to pick up a racket, you're not exactly in the company of people who wan to hang out with you. You're in the company of people who look at you oddly, like your some unknown species, that they're surprised to find in their safe, friendly neighborhood.

We got to the courts before my opponent did. That is how I like it. His name was Jimmy Gale and he was Robin's twin brother, but I didn't know that then. When he showed up with the team captain and a hot blonde in tow, I just assumed it was her girlfriend, there to show her support.

What's next?

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