Leanne and her family

Before the old men, there was family

Chapter 1 by brambank brambank

It all started on her 18th birthday. Leanne was still a sweet, fairly innocent girl. She was pretty with a slim, 5'5" figure and pert breasts (slightly larger than you'd expect for her frame). Her hair was dyed dark blonde and reached part way down her back. She was spending the day with her best friend Jodie, who also happened to share Leanne's birthday. Her 18th birthday was always going to be special, but being able to share the experience with her best friend would make it even better.

They decided to skip their last few lessons and start the celebrations early. Leanne had 'borrowed' a bottle of her mum's wine and they were sat chatting and drinking on Leanne's bed. At first they were just discussing school but gradually the conversation turned more risqué.

The more they drank the dirtier the conversation became and the more they giggled. Pretty soon they were both a bit flustered and incredibly aroused. The alcohol got the better of them and the two best friends became very intimate on their 18th birthday. Despite their initial hesitation they were quickly exploring each other's bodies. Kissing, licking and caressing any bit of flesh they could. They were enjoying themselves so much, moaning loudly at the pleasure they were creating, that they didn't hear Leanne's older brother, Nic, arrive home.

As he came upstairs he heard the unusual noises from Leanne's room and decided to investigate. Nic opened the bedroom door and saw his younger sister on her bed with her best friend, fingering each other's pussies.

Nic just stood there watching open mouthed and unable to move. Leanne tried to come up with an excuse but her mouth just flapped open uncontrollably. Jodie however started giggling, clearly not as uncomfortable with the situation as either her best friend or her brother. She giggled even more when she noticed Nic's very obvious bulge in his pants. Despite it being his sister, it was an uncontrollable reaction to the situation he had walked in on.

While Nic watched his sister squirm uncomfortably on the bed, trying hopelessly to cover her naked body, Jodie was already thinking ahead. "Why don't you join us?" she asked with a seductive grin.

The two siblings were against the idea immediately, however Jodie managed to convince them to continue. "It's not like you're gonna be fucking your sister. Just fuck me!" Reluctantly Nic joined them on the bed and Jodie helped him out of his clothes. However, as the erotic situation got the better of them Leanne and Nic ended up getting involved with each other as well as with Jodie. Nic fucked both girls and gave them the best 18th birthday present they could have hoped for. Even if it wasn't quite what Leanne thought she wanted from her brother.

What happens between the siblings next?

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