Latex adventures

Latex adventures

Multiple bdsm adventures, many options

Chapter 1 by Sgtwolf Sgtwolf

So this is a place for multiple latex bdsm adventures. The characters can vary, the kinks can vary, the main theme may vary, but there will be latex elements throughout. There will also be threads for gay, lesbian, and straight preferences. I will slowly be adding multiple chapters, but I encourage everyone to add or send suggestions of what they would like to see! I appreciate any help or suggestions, as I am a pretty amature writer.

If you want a specific topic, or have suggestions, message me and I’ll incorporate it! Also, some chapters currently end in placeholder, I will get to that thread, but put a like there and it will encourage me to get off my metephorical ass and write on that area. If it’s been awhile, I may be not sure where to take it, so send suggestions!

I’ll try to vary, so the hope is there will be multiple options as often as possible. After all, if you wanted a linear story, you wouldn’t be on this site.

Update: Thank you for all the likes! I’ll try to continue to update as much as I can.

Theme of adventure

More fun
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