Latex Invasion

Latex Invasion

Restless Night

Chapter 1 by AnEroticAuthor AnEroticAuthor

The stillness of the darkened room seemed to annoy you lay there willing yourself to sleep. Unsure of the time you slowly turn on to your side and see the eerily glowing crimson number's of your alarm flash a an unwelcome 11:00 pm. Not wanting to lay still any longer you slowly unfurl yourself from the warm sheets that covered your body and eased yourself into a seating position. Looking over your shoulder you look out of the window and into the ominous darkness. A low sigh escapes your lips as you slowly stand up and wander over to the chair perched a few steps from your bed.

Instinctively you grab a crumpled t-shirt and a pair of your trusty jeans from the nearby chair before wandering over to a chest of drawers and grabbing a fresh set of underwear from within. After a few moments you are fully dressed and begin to wander into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. After quenching your thirst you head over to the front door and grab your keys out of the nearby bowl. Your eyes linger across the shoe rack before you grab battered pair of trainers and slip them onto your feet before tightly lacing them up.

Once your complete you gradually ease yourself upward and grab your trusty leather jacket from the nearby hook before turning to face yourself in a nearby mirror. Your eyes dart back and forth across your body as you casually wink at yourself...

Who Winks Back?

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