Lara Croft

Lara Croft

Lost lands

Chapter 1 by Doadventures.10 Doadventures.10

The wheels on Lara’s Jaguar convertible squealed as it powered through a tight curve in the road. The warm English air rushing past her ears with a howl and down either side of the road, the tall trees melted into a blurry green wall as the car continued to roar through the streets.

“Jax? What’s going on where are you now?” Lara shouted at her dashboard, her long auburn hair fluttering behind her headrest and dancing in the rushing wind.

“They are” a voice trembled *Kisshhhh* static interrupting the voice. “Hurry Laraaaaaahhhhhh” the voice screamed.

“Fuck!!!! Jax!” Lara shouted over the howling wind as she planted her foot on the pedal and followed the road round tight and twisty corners until she could see a plume of smoke suddenly cloud the sky from up ahead and shroud the moon light.

Element of surprise seemingly gone, Lara slowed the car to a halt on a grassy verge and without a moments hesitation, had exited the car and fled off into the trees and shrubbery.

Speed and light footed, Lara effortlessly dodged around the fallen leafs and stodgy ground as she made her way to the usually quiet and elusive Croft manor, her black boots making the trail easy but stopping her dead in her tracks as she watched on with her mouth ajar and eyes wide in horror.

Stood watching smoke billow from the underground garage like a crater, oil and gasoline permeating the air with wisps of silver grey smoke curling and dancing their way through the thick, hazy air.

Balling her fists and puffing her chest out, Lara sprang into action, her feet and charging break neck speed covering the distance quickly to the conservatory where she bounced up off the wall and clamoured upwards to a landing window, she peered in and ducked at flash lights bouncing off the walls and tracking the floor.

“These guys look like professionals” she sighed to herself before lifting the sash of the window pane.

What's next?

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