Kingdoms of Jocasta

Kingdoms of Jocasta

Mothers and sons go on epic and incestuous adventures in a magical fantasy realm

Chapter 1 by WinkingOtter WinkingOtter

The Kingdoms of Jocasta are a realm full of magic and wonder. It has sights to take your breath away and tearfully thank the Three Gods for their almighty creations. From the twisting spires of Oedipolis, the floating island of the Tempest Sea, the Flaming Golem of Amethyst River, the ash deserts of The Forsaken East. It is a land of opportunity and adventure where brave souls can rise up to become heroes of legend. Glory, gold and power await those with enough will and fortitude to seek it, even a simple peasant may one day find himself dining on braised Wyvern and cavorting with Sharani concubines.

But it is not all rivers of wine and ballads of joy in the realm of Jocasta. Dark and dangerous lurk beneath it's surface. Orc parties are raiding village after village along the Widow's Coast, noblemen poison, scheme and assassinate each other in their eternal game of power with little care for the common folk, anti-magic zealotry is growing to a fever pitch, the slave trade is alive and well in the Malenkii Empire especially for beautiful lithe elven women and there are whispers of necromancers brewing plagues and raising skeletal armies under the shadow of Ebony Spine. Perhaps worst of all, the fragile peace between the kingdoms that has lasted twenty years is threatening to ignite from the smallest of embers into a war that will engulf the entire realm. Once, The Eyeless King and his fearsome Awakened Army united The Kingdoms in a war for the greater good but the king of the dark arts is long dead or so they think.

Still, love and kindness can be found in all corner of the kingdom. Some would say, you'll find the strongest love between a mother and son. Sometimes however especially when a mother is buxom and pretty, sons do more than just love their mothers. They desire something far more forbidden. The Church of The Three Gods has declared incest to be the most perverse and blasphemous of sins and even in the hedonistic Malenkii Empire or the scholarly Kingdom of Sharan, incest is considered the most taboo of sexual acts. Still, most young lads in the Kingdoms of Jocasta do not heed the holy scriptures or social mores when their cocks are yearning to return to their mother's sweet wet cunts. Sadly, they know this is all but impossible. But Jocasta is a realm where strange and miraculous things occur and impossible is just another word.

Disclaimer: This story has a slow buildup. Full on incestuous sex won't happen till later but all kinds sexual shenanigans will! Also for the three main routes, the stories will intersect and compliment each other. Reading all three will give you a more comprehensive view of the overall story.

Who Do We Follow On This Adventure of Incestuous Lust?

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