Kayla's Reunion

A Big Family Reunion

Chapter 1 by taloniv taloniv

There’s a family reunion happening in the Dillard family! There were 9 kids in all, 6 men and 3 women, most of them married with kids of their own by now. What used to be a close tight nit family has grown apart, however, focusing on their own lives and ambitions. Jessica, 38, has 4 children of her own, Jen, who is 22, Jason who is 20, Kevin, who is 19, and Kayla, who is 18. Her husband Ryan is only a year older than her. Jessica was a bit of a black sheep, getting pregnant while still a teenager and out of wedlock did not sit well with her mother, who constantly beat the classic family mentality into her children, to have families and have lots of children. The family sort of rebelled, but stayed together through the mother’s sheer force of will. Once she passed away 6 years ago the family lost touch with each other.

Jessica was looking to change that this year. She got on the phone and called up everyone. She was going to host a family reunion at their house, the way the family was meant to be together. Or at least she hoped. After maneuvering of dates and accommodations so everyone could make it, it was finally going to happen and will last an entire weekend starting on a faithful Saturday morning.

Starting in the morning, choose who to follow for this joyful reunion where family reconnects closer than ever!

Jessica: 38 year old mom, 5'6", D cup breasts, dirty blonde hair that is full and bouncy, but cut off just above shoulders. She is in decent shape with some minor curves from her birth giving hips that give her a sexy hourglass shape.

Jennifer: 23 years old and oldest sibling, C cup breasts, 5'7" Has some curves like her mom, but keeps her hair longer, allowing the natural waves to show. She added some red highlights to it to help her stand out and ensures she keeps makeup on anytime she might go out in public.

Kayla: 18 year old youngest sibling, 5'4", B cup breast. Looks like her mom, but keeps her hair longer to show off her natural waves. Keeps herself in shape and works out to play sports, but is also a bit of a computer geek.

Who will you follow?

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