This Halloween there will be... Joy.

Chapter 1 by Misery Misery

Peyton Schindler is an actress in the hit TV series "Brook Valley" in which she plays the character of Joy Chambers. She has just left a Halloween party near Seattle. Deciding it would be nice to have some alone time, she chose to drive back to Los Angeles. However, a rainstorm hits while she is driving. Peyton drives off the road and crashes upside down into a ditch.

Peyton wakes up in a cabin, her hands and legs tied to bedposts. A young woman with shoulder length red hair walks in to the room, "Good, You're up. I have some soup cooking. It should be ready soon." She smiles and brushes Peyton's long blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Where am I? Why am I tied to this bed?" Peyton asks, still groggy.

"You're in my house . I tied you to the bed for my safety. You could be a serial killer for all I know." The red head shrugs, "Probably not, but you can never be too sure these days."

"Did you at least call an ambulance or the police or something?" Peyton asks curiously.

The red head holds up her phone, "I tried, but I think the storm is interfering with signals or something." She walks toward the bedroom door, turning to look at Peyton as she reaches it, "My name is Amber, by the way." She walks out.

A few minutes later Amber walk back into the room with a bowl of potato soup, "Its hot so I'll be careful." She sits on the edge of the bed. She gets a spoonful of soup and blows on it for a few seconds before feeding it to Peyton. Peyton raises an eyebrow as the spoon enters her lips.

"I know you think I might be dangerous, but this is ridiculous..." She says as the next spoonful reaches her lips.

"You don't have to be embarrassed. I'll untie you once the storm passes, I promise." She flashes a really over-the-top smile, "Now let me finish feeding you so I can give you a sponge bath."

Peyton's eyes almost pop out of their sockets, "A what?!"

What's next?

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