Joining the Team

Joining the Team

Fuck your school’s female basketball team

Chapter 1 by JonDoe03 JonDoe03

Please Press Start Game before Reading -Jon Doe03

Ever since, you were little you’ve loved basketball, and you’ve always wanted to play. During middle school, you met your best friend Mike and you’ve been best friends since. You and Mike are in high school now. You both love basketball and want to try out for your school team. So you do,

The try out come up and you both go for it. Mike try’s his hardest and makes the team. You on the other hand didn’t make the team and you know why.

You had the ball, you dribble don’t the court and you trip. Mike manages to get the rolling ball. He runs and shoots for a 3 Pointer. The ball bounces off and hits you in the head as you stand back up. You fall back to the ground, and you didn’t make the team.

You had fun though, and you also saw some cute girls trying out for the Female Team. You had come early and started watching the female try outs before the guys started. As you walk in and sit down to watch, the Athletic Director Mrs. Simpson, noticed you.

As you watched, your cock easily started getting hard. The ways the girls moved, and being able to see their asses in their skin tight uniform shorts. It was too much. You couldn’t help it, they were just too damn hot. When they dribbled you could see their tits bouncing in their tops, and their asses jiggling.

You had a boner, and you couldn’t help it with the view. You didn’t really care as long you could see the girl’s assets in motion. That’s when you notice Mrs. Simpson looking at you with your boner. She had see your dick through your shorts. You immediately became nervous, that’s why you sucked during the try outs.

What's next?

More fun
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