Jessica’s Choices - Collection

Jessica’s Choices - Collection

Collective stories in one

Chapter 1 by Doadventures.10 Doadventures.10

Mr Trouch lay face first over his desk, his arms and legs tied to the four corners of it with thick twine, he looked so pathetic, so vulnerable, so utterly helpless as Jessica stood in front of his prone body with her arms folded and staring into nothing as she awaited him waking up.

“Gackkughh” Mr Trouch coughed and spluttered as he finally came to and peered through his swollen eyes at the figure stood before him.

“Hello Mr Trouch” Jessica spoke softly as she struggled to control her anger, “Do you remember me?“ she asked with a tremble in her voice.

“Jes...sica?” he responded before dropping his head onto the desk and looking away in fear.

“You fucking bastard” Jessica said before crossing her arms again and trying to control her anger, “Do you know what those bastards done to me” she said, her voice threatening to break down as she held back tears. “I’m going to fucking kill you” she gritted as she picked up a hammer by her right and swung it over her right shoulder.

“No!” Mr Trouch blurted out, “Please don’t, please have some compassion, I’m sorry, we all are” he begged.

“Why?” Jessica cried out

“I knew you were going to end up here, but this won’t solve anything Miss Stanhead, put the hammer down and we can talk?” he spoke as if she was on the couch again and he was taking notes for his charges. “We can talk about what happened?” he tried to barter, feeling his eyes swell and threaten to stream with tears.

Jessica stood for a moment, looking down at the grey man and thinking to end it all as her eyes glazed over and the room around her went black.

What's next?

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