Jessica’s Choices - Another life

Jessica’s Choices - Another life

moving to the city

Chapter 1 by Doadventures.10 Doadventures.10

“You sure you wouldn’t rather get a job in that little boutique in town? Jessica’s mother moaned. furrowing her brow and putting on her best attempt at puppy dog eyes.

“Oh my god mum, I’ll be back next week” Jessica moaned, “You said you were happy for me to get out?” she questioned, “So you and Dooouugggg can now beeealoneeee” she added, holding her hands together and smooching her lips in a comical way.

“But you’re my baby” her mum blubbered, her arms opening wide to embrace Jessica in a hug.

“Oh, don’t get started again mum, you were just as bad last year when I went on holiday with the girls” Jessica laughed, as she leaned in for a hug. “I’ll be back next week to collect the rest of my stuff, and then you’ll be coming down to see me all the time anyway” she smiled, letting go off her mum and grabbing her shoulder satchel. “I love you and I’ll speak to you tonight” she said opening the door.

“Well text me when you get there” Raine shouted back as she made her way to the living room window, waving her hand goodbye. "And make sure to eat something" she added as all her motherly instincts began to kick in.

Closing the bright blue, heavy door of her mini cooper, Jessica adjusted her seat before stealing a glance to her side. *God mum* she thought as in the window Raine frantically shock her hand from side to side. Even at this distance Jessica could tell that her mum was tearing up but she had to get a move on, and with a less than impressive response back she turned the ignition and began to drive away from the family home.

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