Incredible(s) Invasion

Incredible(s) Invasion

Helen and Violet Parr: incestuous lesbian sex-slaves let loose on the multi-verse

Chapter 1 by LesLes LesLes

Story by LesLes. Concept by Solddate. Art by Oo_Sebastian_oO

Five Years After Syndrome's Attack

"Honestly, sweetie, if there's ever a type of villain you don't want to go solo against, it's a mind controller."

The villainess Mezmerella leaned against the top of a classic ball chair as she spoke. The smooth white plastic of the chair was a half-sphere sliced at a steep angle, the inside filled with red cashmere and soft red cushions.

Mezmerella was in full costume, the figure-hugging white catsuit and her long flame-red hair coordinating perfectly with the chair's colors. The white of her costume was balanced with black - black knee-high high-heeled boots, black elbow-length gloves, black belt. The corners of her triangular black neck-piece formed sharp-peaked shoulder-pads, the third corner pointing down into cleavage the white of her costume was practically painted on to. Her cape was black on the outside and a light orange on the inside.

Mezmerella's white goggles completely concealed her eyes. Each lens was set in tear-drop white plastic and glowed with orange energy. Orange energy that held a yellow spiral.

"If one person falls under," Mezmerella continued, "then the other can either snap them out of it, or get help. It's like the buddy system at school. And us mind controllers are usually such a nefarious bunch. I shudder to think what one of my male counterparts might have done to you."

Mezmerella shuddered theatrically for emphasis.

Sat smiling mindlessly on the red cushions in the white ball chair was the raven-haired heroine known as Invisigirl. Her alter ego Violet Parr was Metroville University's newest freshman, while Invisigirl was the revivified superhero circuit's newest solo star. Despite that she still wore the Edna Mode designed classic supersuit of the Incredibles: red unitard with a black collar and yellow, orange and black "i" insignia on the chest, along with an orange elastic waistband and black headband, a black domino mask, black bottoms and thigh-high black boots.

"All I'm doing is helping you relax and unwind as any young woman should at your age. Hmm, you know what, pet? I think your mother and I need to have a talk about all this, don't you?"

Reflected in Violet's eyes was the glowing spiral on the screen in front of her. On her head was set a pair of white over-ear headphones, an antenna protruding from each earpiece and linked to a remote control unit in Mezmerella's black-gloved hand. Violet sat on the very edge of the ball chair with her legs open, smiling as she stroked her pussy through her costume with her gloved left hand. Her panties were wet and the spandex over them was beginning to form a cameltoe.

Mezmerella's words soaked into Violet's pliable compliant mind as easily as the heroine's pussy juices seeped into her cotton panties. But the words didn't need a response. Her reply didn't matter.

All that mattered was the spiral that ate her thoughts and her will. All that mattered was the sound in the headphones that filled her mind with new and better thoughts. All that mattered was stroking her flowe-- stroking her vagi-- stroking her slut cunt and letting it fill her mind with pleasure that made resistance impossible.

All that mattered was total obedience to Mezmerella.

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