I am a True Fan - The Game

I am a True Fan - The Game

Can Mary navigate Tomorrow Con and keep her virtue? A coming of age game.

Chapter 1 by HaremStarter HaremStarter



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Mary Currie was frantically running around her bedroom.

Ugh, I know I've forgotten something! Mary thought as she threw a pair of prosthetic elf ears into the open suitcase. The mad young woman dropped to her knees to check underneath the box springs.

"Fuck they'll be here any minute," Mary swore as the empty floor under her bed came into view. She quickly stood up and stormed over to her chest of drawers. Mary violently yanked the drawer open nearly pulling it completely out of the dresser. Damn it Mary do not fuck this up; she mentally chided herself.

Suddenly, Mary's bedroom door burst open. A young nubile blonde girl dressed in a Captain Marvel t-shirt stood grinning from ear to ear. "I knew it! I told John you would be nowhere near ready!"

Mary tried to reply, but the embarrassment of the situation caused her voice to catch in her throat, and she was only able to stammer the word I about three times before looking down at her shoes and going quite.

Susan walked over to Mary's suitcase ignoring her friend's discomfort. She looked it over before picking up one of the elf ears for closer examination. Then after a brief moment of study Susan languidly tossed it back. "Though it's not entirely your fault, you can't make a decision on what to take. If your father had taken you on vacation once in your life, you would know how to pack. I swear when you've barely ever been past the county line traveling to the big city of Atlanta must seem akin to Frodo's journey through Middle Earth." Susan stated in a faux-somber voice before bursting out into laughter.

Without looking up, Mary continued rummaging about her room. "Did you come here early to help me pack or to laugh at my plight?"

Susan threw up her hands in mock surrender. "Chill girl. I'm just giving you a hard time. There will be a lot of cute boys at Tomorrow Con, and you don't need to be so high strung that you run them off."

Hearing that familiar accusation caused Mary to come to a complete halt and peer up at her friend. "We've been over this. I do not run boys off. I just grow tired of them always talking about sports and stupid summer movies. It's not my fault that once I interject into the conversation things that interest me that they become insecure babies and find some empty-headed bimbo who will listen to them prattle on and on."

Susan closed the distance between herself and Mary and gave her distraught friend a hug. "I understand. It is a shame that you worked so hard and got in such good shape and are still single. Though I think you'll find that the boys this weekend will have a more sympathetic ear for your interests. You might even find one willing to express his gratitude." With that, she lowered her hand to Mary's butt and gave a playful squeeze.

Mary reached down and removed the cute blonde's hand from her behind. "I swear all home schooled girls ever think about is boys," Mary stated as she turned to open another dresser drawer.

"When all you get to look at all day is your brother and your dad a girl needs a healthy fantasy life. But, now we need to get you packed so we can be on our way to make those fantasies a reality." Susan said as she began to look through Mary's closet.

A few minutes later Mary and Susan emerged from the con virgins room suitcases in tow.

"Bout time," shouted a sarcastic voice.

"Shut it John," Susan said icily in return. "In fact be a man and help us with this luggage."

"Alright alright," replied Susan's brother as he met the girls halfway up the stairs to grab two of the bigger suitcases.

Mary blushed slightly when John's hand grazed hers. "It's Ok John. I've got it." Mary cooed; averting her gaze from John to the floor.

John was as handsome as his sister Susan was beautiful. Both had a light complexion and platinum blonde hair, but where Susan was svelte John was rippling with muscle. "Nonsense," replied the handsome youth. "Besides we need to make haste. It's a couple of hours drive and then a few more standing in line for registration," John said as he took the heavy burden from Mary and lifted it as though it were light as a feather. "If we don't hurry, we won't get to eat dinner till midnight." He then flashed that smile of his that was known to make all the girls swoon.

"Yeah well, are you gonna stand there showing off how strong you are or are you going to take the luggage out to the car?" Susan interjected.

John stuck his tongue out at his sister. "Can't a guy show off for a pretty girl." Then quick as the words were out of his mouth John spun on his heels and headed to the car.

Susan stood awestruck trying to determine if John was being serious or kidding her. Finally, a familiar voice pulled her back to her senses. "You be careful honey." Mary's dad said placing a peck on her cheek. "If you need me call me. Oh, and have fun!" With that, he handed her a couple of hundred dollars.

"Thanks, dad!" Mary exclaimed giving her dad a big hug before she ran out the door toward John's car.

Which seat does Mary choose?

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