Hollywood Hookup

Hollywood Hookup

You work in an adult store. Someone famous enters.

Chapter 1 by salodweller salodweller

*The stories listed here are completely 100% fictional and for entertainment/satirical purposes only. Absolutely nothing that follows will be true.

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*Now, on with the story:

You came to Hollywood two years ago with big dreams of making it in the film industry as a screenwriter. You were young and talented. Surely you would conquer the industry, you thought, quickly and easily. But you were wrong, very wrong. Success was nowhere to be had, and after a few fruitless internships and gigs as a Production Assistant on commercials and one as a copy editor for a free paper that soon went belly-up, you found yourself jobless in L.A.

So, to make ends meet, and afford rent in LA you quickly took any job you could, which happened to be a part-time gig as a cashier at an Adult Video store, charmingly called Adult Video. It's not the worst job you've ever had, but far from the best, far from the dream. The shop is tucked away in a corner of town and frequently empty. It's obviously not the best place to make industry connections.

Still, you find yourself picking up more and more shifts at Adult Video to make ends meet and having less and less time to write. Every once in a while you recognize a face from a commercial or something. And more attractive women come in than expected, but this is Hollywood after all, sometimes it seems like everyone is an aspiring model or actor, even the porn customers.

But most of the time its still just fat old guys. You've long since given up hope that anything interesting or helpful could happen in this place. Then, one day as you sit behind the counter, tapping out the rhythm to whatever bad song you can't make out on the radio, staring at a pointless crossword puzzle, something unexpected and fortuitous happens.

After two long years you encounter someone surprising. Someone famous.

What celebrity visits Adult Video?

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