Happy Incest Family

Happy Incest Family

A pornographic look into one girl's sex-filled home life.

Chapter 1 by howdyjeans howdyjeans

Hi! Welcome to my first story on Chyoa. I'm hoping to update fairly frequently for a while but we'll see how it goes, but comments, suggestions, and additions are all welcome!


Sam Jones pulled the covers off herself and climbed out of bed, stretching her toned, naked body. She never slept with clothes anymore, not once all three of her brothers turned 18. She felt herself get wet at the thought of that party. Jared, the birthday boy, had enjoyed her all night (not that the others hadn't helped at times, of course), and then taken her ass the next morning. Yes, she thought at she pushed a finger into her sopping pussy, that was a great time.

She laid back on her bed and spread her legs in front of her full-length mirror, looking at her perky a-cup breasts, long tanned legs, puffy pink pussy and shoulder-length brown hair. She pushed her wet finger into her ass this time as she played with her clit with her other hand and thought about her brother's cock pushing into her asshole for the first time, and the way his seed felt filling up her bowels. She couldn't think of anything she liked better than hot jizz in or on her. Okay, she thought, enough warm up, I want the real thing!

Her pussy still dripping, Sam jumped out of bed and went through her open door in search of some... harder entertainment. But choices, choices. Should she go straight to the object of her fantasies, or check in somewhere else first?

Where does she check first?

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