HR girls new plaything

Finding out about dominance and submission

Chapter 1 by mshiner mshiner

I got a new job at a truck dealer. It’s ok I guess. It sure beats my last job anyway. I used to work in the auto center at a major department store. I hated it there and finally got out, but that’s not important.

My name is Kyle, I’m a typical midwestern male in my early 30s. I’m about 6 ft tall and around 220 lbs. I could be in better shape, but it’s hard to motivate myself to get to the gym. Also I don’t have a lot of extra money since my wife and I divorced. But that’s how it goes.

Like I said, my new job is fine. It’s kinda easy actually. Pay is decent. I work in shipping/receiving, and I just kinda stay in my own little corner and do my work.

They’re talking about moving me up to the front counter and selling parts already, I’ve only been here a couple weeks. It wouldn’t be as peaceful as my little corner is, but the view would be a whole lot better.

You see, Greg is looking to retire soon. He was suppose to retire a few years ago, but one thing led to another. Anyway, his station is directly across from the HR office. And that’s where Brittany is.

I’ve been infatuated with her since my first day here. I had spoken with her on the phone a bit during the hiring process, but seeing her in person was breathtaking.

By “traditional” standards she was very plain looking. But to me she was perfect. You could maybe call her chubby. Certainly not fat. She had a bit of a belly, thick thighs, and large breasts. She had curly, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, and black frame glasses.

It’s a constant struggle day to day for me to not stare too much every time I pass by her office. I can usually see into her door down a certain isle when I’m walking back to my desk, so then she doesn’t notice as much. Sometimes I’ll even walk deliberately by her office door and purposely not look so she doesn’t think I’m constantly staring.

I still think she knows.

Still, I can’t complain about this place. Like I said, the job isn’t bad. I usually have more than enough time to complete my work. All the parts I receive are usually pretty heavy, but other than that there's nothing wrong with it. The people here are all friendly and nice to me. The owner is cool and hangs around once in a while too.

I’ve been able to establish good workplace relationships with everyone here, except one of course. But not from a lack of effort. Just the other day I was talking to David, my boss, I was kinda busy that day and he told me a shipment was being delayed till the next day this cutting down the amount of work I had left that day. I replied by saying “I guess this is my lucky day then!”

No sooner I said that and Brittany walks around the corner. So I told her “wouldn’t you know it, I say it’s my lucky day and then you show up!” She just smiled a little and let out a nervous laugh. I know it was kind of a lame attempt, but at least I was trying.

I see her all over the building talking in a friendly manner to everyone else, but for some reason she stays away from me.

At least there was Andrea. She worked in accounting. She wasn’t nearly as attractive as Brittany, but she wanted me. Bad. She has black hair that was always pulled back in a pony tail. She wore glasses that didn’t really flatter her at all. She was kind of ugly to be honest. Skinny legs, and no butt. She had a decent rack but that was ALL that was goin for her. On top of all that she dressed like shit. She almost always had on some kind of weird patterned dress or a cat sweater.

But at this point I was sick of masturbating every day, and she seemed like she might be the freaky kind when you get her in the bedroom. So I gave in.

What’s next

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