Groupie for the women's college basketball team

The women need to relieve tension between games

Chapter 1 by mzchandl mzchandl

You had just started dating Chloe a few weeks ago and things had been going well. You, a tall 6'5" guy and her, a 5'11" chick with a fit body and curves to go crazy over. She often wore compression shorts that showed off her ass and legs. She almost had some sort of control over you with her sexiness. You started dating after talking casually with her after going with some of your friends to a women's basketball game. She was the starting point guard for the UCUNN Hussies. And damn, did she have swag.

She took a liking to you, and didn't waste any time letting you know it. Grabbing your butt in public, and "accidentally" brushing up against you was her flirting style... though she coyly denied it, with a devious, pretend-to-be innocent smile. She said "her tendencies on the court" cause her to not even notice inadvertent physical contact.

Regardless, she didn't let up, and the touching gradually got more and more. Soon she was texting you too, mischievously telling you to sneak out of class for a quickie in the supply closet.
And was the sex great. She was always super horny any time after a game. You soon became accustomed to this, resisting the urge to jack off leading up to her game day, in anticipation of the aggressive sex she would have with you afterwards.

Therefore it didn't surprise you when she messaged you one day after practice.

"Meet me in the locker room ;), everyone's gone home and I'm waiting for "my ride"

Do you make it to the locker room?

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