Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

Growing the Family

Chapter 1 by NeoServo NeoServo

Andrew Collins, age 21, main character/YOU
Andrea Collins, age 21, your twin sister
Amy Collins, age 18, your younger sister
Deidra Collins, age 41, your mother
Michelle Bursey, age 43, your aunt from your mother's side


You couldn't believe it, after being together since high school, engaged to be married in less than two months...

Your fiancée called it quits.

Why? Because you started talking about wanting kids after you got married. You thought she'd be fine with that, or so it seemed.

Until you woke up one morning to your enagagement ring you gave her and a note on the dresser next to you.

Deciding you wanted to talk to someone about this unfortunate event, you decide to go visit your family at your own house. It had been some time since you visited your mother and two sisters anyway, last being there for the funeral of your father, whom died a few years back in a car accident.

Your mother, Deidra opens the door to greet you as you come up the long stairs to your family's nice home in the outskirts of the big city. You look on in awe at the sight of her. After all these years, she has not changed a bit from even when you were still just a kid. She had you and your twin sister Andrea at a very early age and still looked stunningly beautiful with her long strawberry blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and a casual button down green shirt and short tan shorts giving you full few of her still luscious legs. You blush slightly at the sight, but quickly shake it off.

"Andrew! What a surprise!" she says with a smile. "What brings you all the way out here? I thought you and your fiancée were still planning your wedding."

"Um, that's kinda what I came here to talk about, Mom," you say with an uneasy glance.

Your mother simply looks at you in bewildered silence for a moment.

"Well, come in, Andrew. Tell me what's going on."

Shortly after telling your mother about the whole ordeal and break-up between you and your fiancée while sitting in the kitchen together, your mother looks down at a cup of coffee she has poured for herself in a mix of irritation and concern.

"Honestly, I knew that girl was no good in the end," she says as she shakes her head.

"No, Mom, it's okay, I guess in the end it really wasn't meant to be. We had different agendas for what to do once we were married I guess."

"I'm sorry, honey," says your mother with a sigh as she looks back up at you now. "I'm being too harsh about the subject. What's done is done, right?"

"Yeah, I guess... I mean, it is kind of a downer."

"You really wanted to start a family immediately, Andrew? To have kids?"

"Well, yeah, actually, I did..." you say with a slightly embarrassed look and a weak laugh. "I know you probably disapprove with me still going to college, and--"

"No, no, I was just curious, I mean I could think of...well..."

"Mom, I don't need you setting me up some other girls or anything in hopes of getting back what I lost and what I'll probably not get least for some time."

You notice a puzzling look cross your mother's face as she smiles towards you and nods then.

"Of course, dear. ...You must be tired driving all the way up here like you did. Would you maybe like to take a rest?"

"...Sure. I guess so, it's been a while and--"

"Oh, good! Your room is still just as you left it upstairs. You can rest up there. I'll call you for dinner and when your sisters get back if you want."

"Um...sure, that'd be...great. I guess. I mean, it's been a while since I'm seen Andrea and Amy."

"Alright. Have a good rest then, dear."

You glance at your Mom oddly for a second, but then nod and stand up, working your way up the stairs to your room and some well needed rest.

Some time later, you awake in your darkened room to notice the feeling of someone sitting at the end of your bed. Puzzled, you turn on the light to see...

Who is it paying you a visit?

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