Futuristic sex adventures !

Chapter 1 by Safi05 Safi05

I was lying in her bed surrounded by scientists with all sorts of weirds instruments and flying drones scanning me.

"The genetic pen is ready, sir."

"Analyse the fetus, one last time..."

"...Yes, Sir " 'sigh'

The guy with multiples monocles on his right eye reinserted the probe inside my vagina for the seventh time as her hospital pants opened itself to let it in. It slid smoothly past the cervix and stuck to my future child.


On one of the floating screens, the updated information was displayed...

"...Okay, we're ready" said the one who appeared to be leading the operation.

The probe slid down my slit and the leukorrhea on it seemed to disappear into fine air...

"Those self-cleaning probes sure are handy, right ?" said the scientist with red magnifying glasses.

"...huh, yes..." he was trying to put me at ease, but it was more embarrassing than anything else...

"I remember cleaning those probes with..."-"Josh. Focus."-"Yes, Sir."

Four men came in with a giant machine on tiny wheels (I thought it didn't exist anymore !) that certainly didn't bore any resemblance to a pen.

"What, that would never fit !"

"You would be surprised... Don't worry, everything is under control, there's no reason to worry" said...Josh...I think...

"Inject the dilatation serum."

"5 cm...6 cm...Almost ready...Ok, we're good."

One of the drones connected itself to the 'pen'. Lots of stuff appeared on the screen on the front of this drone.

The blond scientist behind the machine pushed it towards me as it was perfectly aligned with my pussy. It came in like a USB Flash Drive. I thought it would hurt...In fact, it feels really good.

"Can I take it home" would have said Monica...

"We're going to rewrite your child DNA, there's absolutely no risk of it going wrong." said the lead scientist(?)

I had apprehension... I started to worry when smoke came out of my cunt...

"... The fuck !?"

"It's normal"

" How is it normal, there's smoke coming out!"

"And there's going to be fluids coming out, I have done this a few times already, I assure you, there's nothing wrong, It's quite common."

Fluids did come out, but I was less stressed out. This guy has a reassuring tone and it's difficult not to trust him.

I am lifting 300 tons of merchandises on each of my arms. I am flying over the ocean at Mach 748 transporting my shipment when I get a powerful headache...

"Aaargh ! It's not the time !"

Suddenly, I see flashes of Eve in a white room, she's not alone. They inserting...something inside of her. "She's supposed to be at Monica's place !" I let go of my lift and hear a huge boom under me, and let my powers guide me. "She's... at the hospital !"

I rush toward my planet at full speed. My clothes get disintegrated under the heat. There's ice on my back while I'm literally on fire due to the oxygen I'm keeping around me. I arrive in less than a minute. I phase through the wall in a room full of surprised people.

"What is going on here ?!" I enquired

"John, what are you doing here ?!" said my wife who seemed more upset about me being here than the fact that there's a huge phallic machine stretching her vagina.

"Please, sir, I do not know how you got here despite the shield around this room, but you're not allowed here." said some guy in a white robe

"What are you doing to my wife ?!"

"We're just performing a simple gender reassignment."

"What ?!"

Turning towards my wife, "Are you...How could you..."

"I told you I wanted a girl for years, but you wanted to do things the natural way and when I learned he was a boy, I couldn't bear it !"

"We promised to wait until the birth! If you wanted a girl so much, we could have as many children as you wanted !"

"And get through this again ?! Yeah, right. And for god's sake, put some clothes on"

"We'll have what we're supposed to get !" I crush the machine with the power of my mind (Not...my smartest decision )

"Security ! We have a Naked Psychic disrupting the operation in room 747 !"

Two drones try to knock me out with their puny electric discharge...As if they possibly could...

"Please, Sir, you're endangering the fetus's life"

"What ?!"

Stopping what I'm doing, I turn towards him.

"It's too late, boss, the rewriting got altered."

"Oh fuck, M-323, show me the damage !"

The drone on the machine detaches itself and hover in place while text defiles on his screen.

"What have I done ?" (Ok, I admit I'm...I'm not the sharpest tool on the shed.)

"I swear to god if you hurt her, I'm going to eviscerate you !" screams my wife at me.

"Oh fuck, I'm so sorry" holding my head, my headache intensifying.

"Your child is not in danger."

"Oh thank God !"

"But...There's something I have to tell you..."

What happened ?

More fun
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