Futa Timestop Mania

Futa Timestop Mania

Timeless fun

Chapter 1 by Krk31 Krk31

Sophia was walking down the main shopping street of her home city.

She had a busy last few days at college, but today she had no classes, so she had the whole day to relax.

Sophia was not like other girls. She was born with both male and female reproductive organs. She didn’t have balls, but her body still produced a liquid that resembled sperm. This liquid was unique in the fact that it didn’t contain any DNA.

The doctors said she was a wonder of nature. That didn’t stop the people from bullying and ridiculing her for her condition.

Her Dad, a religious man, left her mother after Sophia’s birth. He was certain that Sophia was the prove that her Mother slept with the devil. Her mother was heartbroken, because she was deeply in love with him. So, she began to act cold towards Sophia, but deep down she still loved her.

Sophia was never the shy type but also not very outgoing. Every time she was bullied, she just ignored it.

Then on her 18th birthday while she was bullied by one of the cheerleaders, a thought crept into her mind.

She imagined standing up, dropping her pants and grabbing the back of the girl’s head.

The blonde girl was kneeling before her staring in horror at Sophie’s dick growing fully erect.

The girl looked up in disgust and tried to say something. The instant she opened her mouth Sophia pulled on her head and buried her dick inside her throat.

Sophia watched with glee as the expression of the blonde changed from disgust to complete and utter shock.

While the whole classroom watched she started fucking the cheerleader’s throat.

Her gulping and the pleading eyes made Sophia even harder.

Finally, she couldn’t hold it any longer and came inside her mouth. After Sophia unloaded everything, she let go of her and the blonde just slid of her dick and fell to the floor, cum drooling out of her mouth and nose.

From this day on, she had a new way to deal with bullying. Instead of only ignoring her bullies, she also imagined ways how to fuck and humiliate them.

From stripping them naked in public, giving them wedgies, spanking them in various states of undress and, of course, fucking them in every hole possible. Her imagination ran wild.

Because most of her bullies were female, she developed a liking for the female gender.

After a while she not only imagined fucking her bullies or people who wronged her, but also random women.

There was no night where she didn’t masturbate while watching lezdom, hardcore, spanking or hate fuck porn, or consuming ENF content.

After high school she enrolled on the local college, where she studied History, geography and English. She wanted to become a teacher.

She was now in her last years of college and worked at a private school.

The 22-year-old looked up at the sunny sky and felt her foot hit something.

She looked down and saw a golden watch on the ground.

Sophia grabbed it and noticed a note on it.

“Dear Sophia,

This watch can stop time.

Have fun, you little pervert.

Your perverted friend.”

“Yeah right!” thought Sophia “and if I press this button here, the time will stop.”

She pressed the only button on the watch.

The busy street was filled with silence.

She looked up and saw the unthinkable.

Everyone was frozen into place.

Sophia was dumbfounded.

“That can’t be real.”

She pressed the button again and everything went on as normal.

She pressed it and everything froze.

A devilish grin began to form on Sophia’s face.

“Let’s test it out.”

She saw a man in front of her and started her experiments.

“1st: Are they movable?”

She grabbed the man’s arm and bend it.

It was like posing a mannequin.

She grabbed him with both arms at the hip and lifted him up.

He was completely weightless.

She let go of him in mid-air and he stayed there.


Sophia put him down again.

“2nd: Do they react to what is done when time is stopped?”

She slapped him across the face with all **** she could muster and then restarted time.

The man just walked on as if nothing happened.

“Ok I got the ground rules. Now I’m going to have some fun.”

But before she could do anything, she noticed that there was also text on the back of the note.


Also say hello to you two new friends.

If you’re finished reading this, they should be already there.”

Before Sophia could even wonder about what she just read, she heard a voice coming from the left of her.

“Hello there, perv”

She turned her head to her left and saw something standing on her shoulder.

It was a woman the size of a Barbie doll. She had red skin, black hair, tiny horns on her head, little bat-like wings on her back and wore leather hotpants, a leather jacket and leather boots. She looked like a stereotypical devil.

Before Sophia could take in all of what just happened, she heard a second voice from her right.

“Hi, sweetie.”

She turned her head and was more confused than before.

On her right shoulder stood a figure looking like an angel.

She had the same height as her companion, a halo on her head, blond locks, little angle wings and was dressed in a white skirt, a white blouse and white high heels.

“Who are you?” asked Sophia.

The demon like woman answered.

“We are Eveline and Angelika. We’re something like your companions on your endless adventure of perversion, sex and joy.”

“We are here to make sure you have fun but don’t make stupid decisions that will get you killed.” Angelika continued.

“Yeah because if that happens our master will be punishing us for eternity.”

Sophia now thought it was the right time to ask something.

“Wait! Who’s your master?”

“Sorry, Pervphia. We’re not allowed to tell you.” Eveline answered.

“If we’d tell you. Again, eternal punishment!” Angelika continued

“Wait! Can anyone see you?” Sophia looked around herself.

“No! No one can see us except for you. But everyone can hear you talk to us. So, if you don’t want to sound like a lunatic, Pervphia. I would keep my voice down, find a deserted place or stop time.” Eveline said.

Sophia walked around a corner into an empty alley.

“Why are you calling me, Pervphia?”

The little devil snickered.

“Because your name is Sophia and you’re a giant pervert. Duh!”

Sophia rolled her eyes.

“So, are you two something like my conscience? So, you as a demon tell me to fuck everything and you as an angel will tell me not to?”

Angelika looked puzzled.

“Why would I tell you that. I’d love to see you **** everyone!”

Sophia was now the one that looked surprised. Eveline noticed and began to elaborate.

“You see, we were sent to you to guide you in your depravities. We will give you some ideas, answer your question concerning the watch and help you with our powers. With our help and your little gadget here, you’ll be able to ravish everyone that wronged you, is mean to you, or you just want to fuck because you feel like it.”

Sophia got a devilish grin on her face.

“Powers? Could you elaborate.”

Angelika jumped to the answer.

“Yeah, we can change your appearance, if we know the face of the one you want to look like. We also can do a little mindreading. It’s nothing major but could help you sometimes. We also can go through walls and stuff, very helpful for a perv like you.”

“It would be best to explain the stuff in detail, when the time is right.” The little devil said.

“But first, it’s time that you look for your first one. Come on, here are so many sexy women we’ll find a suitable slut somewhere.”

Sophia walked out of the alley and looked around.

Who's first?

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