Fun With Father

Fun With Father

Who's In Control, Now?

Chapter 1 by Freyasbearn Freyasbearn

It is an early morning, and you are getting ready to go to school. You have taken a shower, had breakfast, brushed your teeth, and put on clothes. You are about to grab your backpack and head out the door when you hear a strange noise coming from your older sister's room. Normally, since you think of your sister as a monster anyways, grunt and groans coming from her direction would seem normal. For the last few weeks, however, she has been away at some kind of camp for the school's dance team. You didn't pay much attention, as you were just glad you could have the television for yourself and play your video games.

This could spell the end of it all, and you would have to give up your after school habit of video games until bed. If it was your sister, kicked out or something, really returned. As the groans increase into a panting, you realize they seem more like strange male moans than anything your sister's mouth ever produced.

You tip toe towards the door and listen for a while.

?Oh, oh, ohhhhhh yes, yes, oh yes,? you hear coming from inside.

Making a daring decision, you crack open the door to be completely surprised. Your father is in your sisters room. And what's more, he is wearing her favorite black velvet bra and panty set. You watch as he jerks his fat dick up and down vigorously. His moaning continues.

?Oh I'm a bad girl,? he whispers to himself,? a bad bad girl.... oh yes, ooooh yesss.? He's finally about finished, and his jerking has sped up rapidly.

Your mind rushes with all the possibilities. You could use this to blackmail him. Or, a twisted thought crosses your mind, you could use him. You could make him into this girl he seems to want to be.

As he comes, you make another quick decision. You enter the room.

He looks up at you as embarrassed as you've ever seen a person. Now is your chance. Taking a deep breath, you tell him...

What do you say to your dad?

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