Fox in the Henhouse

Fox in the Henhouse

A prestigious private school for girls has added some male teachers to the faculty

Chapter 1 by Shandy Shandy

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Pink Rose Academy is one of the most prestigious private schools for girls in the country. Established over a century ago, it has long been a place where the very wealthy sent their daughters for education and preparation for college. A two year school, it offers associate degrees in various disciplines.

Set in a small town, far from the distraction of a major city, the Academy has always been exclusively female, from students, to faculty to all but a few of the support staff. This year, however, a major change has taken place. The board of regents, responding to growing pressure from alumni, voted to add a select number of male teachers to the faculty. It was felt that the long time isolation of the school and the all female environment was not entirely positive, and that adding some male teachers might be a positive influence. Despite opposition to the idea, the motion passed, with a probationary period of one year to evaluate the results.

Pink Rose is a residential school, with students housed on campus. Due to the wealth of the alumni, and very effective fundraising by the board of regents, the school has a lot of amenities not seen at most such institutions. The students are free to leave campus, although there is little to interest a teenage girl in the local town.

Because the students come from privileged families, many of them are spoiled and headstrong, sometimes leading to disciplinary problems. It was this factor which ultimately led to the decision to hire some male teachers. It was hoped that they would provide a steadying influence on the more disruptive girls. Concerns that their presence may lead to other problems were ultimately brushed aside, although there is still considerable doubt in some quarters.

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