First Mates

The Prequel to House Mating

Chapter 1 by diaperslut diaperslut

High school was shit. I was eager to put those years behind me and head off to college and a whole world of adventures. My name is Katherine Josephine Ringold. I am a 19-year-old, 5'6 white wolf. I have an athletic body, about 120lbs and cute B-cup tits.

I had gotten accepted into an okay college and was fully planning on becoming a psychology major. It would be a tough four years, but I was ready. Plus, my very beautiful girlfriend was coming with me and my sister was going to to same school. Everything was setup. My girlfriend Paula and I had even found a place to live off campus.

Tina, my older sister, had come home to help Paula and I pack and had volunteered to drive us to the new college two states over. I was looking forward to everything. But my life changed about a week before we were scheduled to leave when I had my first official heat cycle.

How does my first day in heat go?

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