Fight Club Reborn (CHYOA Edition)

Fight Club Reborn (CHYOA Edition)

By Magma and Friends :)

Chapter 1 by Magma Magma

Quick Introduction before the game:

My name is Magma, author of FightClubReborn, whose demo you can find at - Online Version Free of charge.

This CHYOA version is just a very small tip of the iceberg at the moment... less than a 1/1000 of the current game. It is moderated, and i will approve all new chapters. Also if i find a good storyline/path, i will invite you to work with me on the full version :) Also if you want to copy past chapters from the original game, feel free to do so, as it will improve the experience of all the other CHYOA readers. Cheers, and enjoy.

Version 0.7 of the game has just left beta and it is now available on Patreon. If you enjoy the game, and consider giving a contribution head up to


The year is 2024. The world has been transformed in ways that one could not have predicted even a decade ago...

Mega-Corporations dealing with technology and mass marketing have grown in power. Technology is constantly being refined and things previously believed impossible are available, Through nano genetics technology, feats such as regenerating a lost arm or leg are now a reality. However, everything has a price, and while the rich can benefit from the latest gadgets, there are several millions of people around the world whose skills have been made mostly redundant by this surge in technology growth.

The divide in the wealth of the classes has been increasing at an exponential rate that’s seemingly impossible to close. In terms of human rights and basic liberties, things haven't progressed either. With the decline of the middle class and the rise in power of these corporations, several new laws have been passed by Congress to limit civic activities.

The so-called justice that patrols the streets no longer even pretend to treat everyone equally.

These corporations are now financiers of the state, claiming ownership of a vast amount of territories and controlling the basic supply flow inside their territory. They provide low-quality food to those who can’t afford better, street cleaning, utilities, security, and basic health care - These are the bare minimums, no more.

With the severe unemployment rates, women who aren't particularly skilled tend to be discriminated against in favor of men. This trend tends to reflect itself in society, with fewer and fewer women being able to get higher roles or gain influence over major decisions.

You have grown up in a world where you were always put down for being "the weaker sex". For this reason it has only made you desire to stand up for yourself.

At the age of thirteen, after being at the losing end of a fight at school, you decided that you would train yourself to be "the very best fighter in the world".

Reality sank in later on, that being a professional fighter was harder and more difficult than you could ever have expected it to be.

You spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of sweat, blood, and tears, but eventually, it all paid off.

Today as you enter the ring, you know that you alone will win against anything that comes your way and that you will hear the cheers of the crowd singing your name.

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