Favorable Odds

Favorable Odds

A handful of boys in an all-girls boarding school

Chapter 1 by Fiend21 Fiend21

Watching your parents' SUV drive off down the road, you're left standing in front of the massive red brick building that serves as the Clear Water Institute's main center. You glance around, seeing a shining blue lake that you assume has given the campus its name, a large metal building you assume is a sports hall and two large dormitory buildings. You grimace at the prospect of having to go into the main building, because you know exactly what being here means.

Longer classes, more study, no free time, no drinking, no smoking, stricter teachers. Hell, there's even a uniform code, as you can tell from the tie and collar currently strangling you. This place is going to be a living hell, that's for sure. You know your cousin Sarah goes here, she's sure complained about this place enough.

You heft your school bag over your shoulder, grabbing your suitcase and pushing open the doors. You find yourself in a large lobby-type area, looking around. There's a few girls milling about in the area who you don't mind seeing, a trio of blondes and a brunette. You have to admit, you don't mind the look of the school uniform on them. You can imagine unbuttoning them, slipping your hand in their shirt, rubbing their smooth skin and massaging their...

"Can I help you?" a voice asks, breaking your concentration.

"Excuse me?" you stutter out, turning to see an elderly looking grandma-type sitting at the reception, peering through her glasses curiously.

"Are you one of the new students?" she asks. "Registration?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess," you nod.

"That's fine. Can I have your name?"

"Jack O'Leary," you say.

"Perfect," she smiles, opening and staring at a ledger.

"Alright Jack, your room is on the new fifth floor of Dorm A with all the other boys, Room 5."

"All the other boys?" you ask. "How on earth could they cram all the boys into a single floor?"

"There's not too many boys," the woman says. "Around twenty, I think."

"Twenty?" you pause, confused. "This school has like four hundred people, doesn't it?"

"It does," the women nodded. But up until last year this was an all-girls school. We've only opened it up recently to boys, but there's still that stigma," the woman says.

"So wait..." you say, your mind moving a mile a minute. "There's, like, forty girls for every guy?"

"Nineteen, honey," the receptionist says. "I see why your parents decided to send you here."

"Yeah," you nod, scratching your head as you come to terms with this fact.

All of a sudden, you're in high demand. It doesn't matter how cool or attractive you are, you're all the girls can get. Maybe this place won't be half bad. You feel your dick twitch in your pants, knowing it's got some treats coming. First though, best to deal with the current issue and get to your room.

"Where am I going to get to my room?" you ask.

"I'm sure someone will be able to show you the way," the receptionist says. "Remember, Dorm A, Floor Five, Room 5."

You look around the deserted lobby, deciding to go outside to find a guide. You walk out the steps after thanking the receptionist, before looking around for someone to show you the way.

The first girl you spot is your cousin, Sarah, who talks with her friends as they walk along to class. Her dark hair hands loose, the top few buttons of her shirt open revealing a deep look down her cleavage. You feel a twinge of guilt for staring, but quickly shake it off. It might be nice to meet up with her.

The second person you see is a punk-rock looking girl with dyed blue, short-cut hair, hiding around the corner of the school building with a lit cigarette in her mouth. Her tie is missing and her white shirt is open, revealing a Dead Kennedys shirt.

The third person you see is a girl who stands by herself, muttering to herself as she reads from a checklist. She has her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and looks fairly shy and nervous, but she's definitely very cute.

The fourth is fairly obviously one of the popular girls. She has long blonde hair reaching just below her shoulders and tanned skin, her lips bright red with lipstick. She stands with her friends, giggling. It might be smart to get involved with the popular kids.

The fifth is the only boy in sight, a short kid with long, brown curly who seems to be checking out the blond from the former group. It might be nice to get a male point of view of this place.

Who would you like to ask for a tour?

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