Fangs For The Memories

Fangs For The Memories


Chapter 1 by ServantOfLilith ServantOfLilith

My attention wavered as I looked out of the bleary window at the torrential rain that cascaded down throughout the illuminated street. The hustle and bustle of the crowded diner snapped me back to reality as my sister waved her hand in front of my idle features. Her lips parted as she spoke, "Didn't think my life was such a boring conversation topic." You stifle a yawn as you respond "Yeah sorry Nat just been a tiring week at work and been a while since we last met up."

Natalie scowled at the mention of your nickname for her, she had never been fond of it. After a few minutes, all was forgotten as a tired waitress wandered over with the tray of food that you had ordered thirty minutes prior. After the food had been served, Natalie grinned before digging into the large portion of Spaghetti Bolognese that sat before her. Your eyes glance down at the bacon cheeseburger that sits in front as you reach forward and bring it towards your trembling lips.

For the next ten minutes, all is silent as the two of you enjoy your meals. As your eating, you feel as though someone is watching you from afar. Not wanting to rouse their suspicions you swallow the last morsel of your burger and glance up. A few seats behind your sister you notice a luscious looking lady with fiery red hair and pale porcelain skin she's looking directly at you both. Part of you wants to look away but her luminous green eyes have you transfixed.

A jolt of arousal and fear run up your spine as you hurriedly look back down at the plate. Natalie looks slightly unnerved by your actions before she parts her lips to speak "What's up you look kinda awestruck?" Your lips tremble as you respond "It's okay I just saw someone kinda hot and I freaked out, just gonna use the bathroom be right back." Standing up you briefly sigh before slipping out from the booth and heading over to the bathroom. Before entering you glance back and notice that the pale lady has seemingly disappeared from sight.

The bathroom is dark dingy and reeks of piss. You don't want to be in here too long that's for sure, taking a deep breath you wander over to the sink and twist the tap to one side. For a moment nothing happens then there's a low groan as a small stream of water spurts out from within. As the water pools within the tarnished metal, you let out a low sigh before splashing the cool water onto your face and looking into the discoloured mirror...

Who Looks Back?

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