Extracurricular Adventures

Extracurricular Adventures

Tale of a shy college girl turned daring autoeroticist

Chapter 1 by vgadict vgadict

Looking back at my early days at college, most people that met me then probably wouldn't even recognize me now. At the time, my hair was a basic shoulder-length cut without any coloring or styling, and I wore some dorky-looking prescription glasses. My wardrobe consisted of ankle-length skirts, some loose-fitting pants, and several long-sleeve blouses. My attire was considerably more conservative than that of other girls in the rural Midwest because my family was rather strict about enforcing dress codes for my sisters and I. Some of my high school classmates even used to joke that we dressed more conservative than the Amish. I was so used to being fully covered that I actually felt a bit awkward wearing t-shirts and shorts for my PE classes, or even wearing a modest one-piece swimming suit for those rare trips to the pool in summer.

I don't blame my family for being so conservative, and I realize now that they were just doing what they believed was best for us. Those outfits and unflattering haircuts made my sisters and I look plain and uninteresting, which proved to be an effective defense against hormone-raging teenage boys. I rarely ever had boys notice me during school, and it was rare for them to even talk to me. Unfortunately, I was so unattractive and ignored that I didn't even get asked to go to a single dance. I remember sitting home alone in my room on the night of my senior prom, crying to myself and thinking that I must be ugly and horrible. I was lonely, hurt and angry, but who needed boys anyway?

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