The Count

Chapter 1 by Tsunami1271 Tsunami1271

The solemn figure of Count Beriah moved through the narrow torchlit passages of his mountain fortress in slow deliberation, half heartedly whistling a nameless tune he no longer cared to remember the name of. He was bored, as he so often was as of late, ever the more idle and lethargic with each passing year it seemed.

From the top of his castle's highest tower his gaze reached out across the vast lands below, to the knotted mountains and glens in the East and the crashing blue waves washing upon the battered coast in the West. These were once his lands he recalled with bittersweet smile, back when the Wolfwater name and family actually invoked emotion and response from the world. Those days were long gone, though his time would come again perhaps, but he had more pressing matters that required a speedy resolution before any wishful plans, grandiose as they may be could be set in motion.

How long had it been he wondered, the decades spent alone in the castle with nothing and no one to help stifle the crushing boredom that consumed him each day. He didn't care for a relationship or company, he knew that much for certain. He desired lust above all else, the smell, sensations and warmth of a womanly touch, the burning passion born from sex was what he truly craved. It'd been too long, far too long to allow the boredom to continue he hastily decided, a mischievous smile stretching across his timeless face as an idea formed and then developed in his mind.

With the newfound determination and direction born from a truly cunning idea he set off through his castle, excited for the first time in many years.

The Year

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