How our dreams effect us

Chapter 1 by AverageDude AverageDude

*This starter chapter is only for letting the reader know what will be going on in the story no characters will remember this*

Aww, but what if I really want to?

*No Jacob you cant remember this*

Remember what? And what if I want to remeber this?

*God fucking dammit. Anyways hi I'm the author the other idiot is Jacob, you have decided for some reason that you want to spend your time following him and his weird fucked up dreams, because we all know with a title like dreams you know they're going to be fucked up.

My main purpose here though is to tell you how this story will work, basically Jacobs dreams effect him in real life, but of course he can't remeber his dreams, so he doesn't think (He didn't think in the first place) that it's weird that his dreams seem to be happening irl.

Of course you get to decide what fucked up fantasy Jacob gets to go through.*

Wow dude I think you put a couple of the readers to sleep

*ehh fuck'em*

Ok if you say so

*This is the fucking shit I have to deal with. Until we meet again reader*

Why are you still here?

More fun
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