Dominate x Dominated

A world where soulmates exist, and one cannot defy the other, even bending the very laws of physics to do so.

Chapter 1 by Aseari Aseari

People say there are mages, wizards and blessed beings. They say everyone can do magic, they be Goblin, Human, Dwarven, Kobold, Elven or other. They say everyone has a soulmate.

All are true, but not in the way one expects. Sure, there are minor spells most races can cast, minor wishes and boons everyone can gain through devotion to gods, but that's not all. the real magic, the powerful magic is innate, specific.

Dwarven races cast magic into things. To them, smithing and carving runes make them cast spells. Demons, Fae and most magical animals are limited in scope with what their magic can do, but they are undeniably powerful. Elven races must immerse themselves in an emotion or a feeling to cast magic. Goblins and Orcs have affinities to one element or another.

Humans use bonds. Soulmate bonds. Each human has a soulmate they are destined to meet, and one will always be able to command the other to do whatever they wish. With that, humans are able to unlock their magical potential. Great power, but with great cost.

This is the tale of;

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