Disgruntled Curves

Disgruntled Curves

Ported with permission from MagicMystique.com, credit for writing goes to the original authors unless otherwise specified.

Chapter 1 by TheCanadian TheCanadian

I'm not a big enough creep to stare and drool or follow a nice booty around...but if it happens to be in front of me, of course I'm going to look. But on this fateful day, I happened to be on an elliptical behind the wrong booty (or, I suppose, the right one, depending on your penchant for being objectified by objects).

I watch her in her black leggings, stepping onto the treadmill and starting it up with a brisk walk. Halfway through my workout, I'm happy to catch a couple of glances at a round butt, wiggling back and forth with every stride. What I don't know is that this is the very offense that seals my fate... I've got headphones in, of course, so I don't hear the screams from the women's locker room. Before long, though, people are filing past me, some faster than others. When I see a few people point, and even more now looking behind me and either dropping their jaws or running away, of course I turn around. When I see them, I hit the stop button on my machine immediately, getting off the elliptical as quickly as possible. Empty outfits are pouring from the women's locker room, one after the other. Spandex pants and tight round compression shorts topped by either tight tees and bobbing sports bras, and a couple of the outfits even have white socks and sneakers marching of their own accord. Now almost everyone is reacting to the spectacle, most of them running, hiding, or stuck fast in shock--even though it quickly becomes clear that they're after very particular targets...

I watch as a guy staring like a deer in headlights is practically tackled by a pair of tight tan sweatpants and a white tee inflated with unseen breasts, peaked by hardened ethereal nipples. It's not long before his clothes start to strip off of him and come to life themselves, leaving him red-faced and naked, lying on the ground and trapped between the yummy, firm thighs of the sweatpants. I kinda envy him in a way...until I feel a tap on my shoulder. Standing in front of me is a pair of glossy red leggings, a matching sports bra hovering over them, their polyester cups stretched to the limit with phantom boobies.

I have no idea what these clothes are going to do to me, but I know what I want to do...and given what these outfits seem to be doing to their other male targets, I see no reason to hold myself back. I reach out and grab the shining red tits, squeezing the soft cups with abandon. This apparently earns me a special position, because when I look over at the woman in front of me on the treadmill, she turns and gives me a devious smile as my sneakers start moving on their own. I'm pulled away from the red workout outfit by my pushy sneakers, and now I realize they're taking me right into the source of the action--the women's locker room.

By now, the locker room was empty save for a few more of the woman's outfits from the duffle bag--each of them going locker to locker now and bringing other women's clothes to life. My shoes plant themselves as soon as I'm standing in the middle of the locker room, and I'm left to watch more and more clothes filling out to female shapes and taking a particular interest in me.

"You like playing touchy-feely, do you?" The curvy girl walks in, raising her eyebrows. "You might actually be kind of cute if you weren't a creep." The clothes are circling up now--a collection of female exercise attire, street clothes and business casual wear, all filled with phantom feminine shapes ranging from petite to full-figured.

"But--wh--what'd I do?" Not really wanting out of this situation, I cultivate a 'scared rabbit' look to make her more intent on holding me here. "Ha. I saw you getting grabby with my sports bra while every other creep was busy running," She said. "You're not the least bit concerned about what these clothes are going to do to you, are you?"

"I'm really not a creep," I plead. "What would you do if an inanimate object just hovered up to you?"

"You were staring at my ass," she says.

"It's...it's a nice ass," I smile.

"I'm glad you like it, because you're going to become very intimate with it tonight." She waved her hand. "All yours, ladies. Keep an eye on him. I'll be back tomorrow...if you're lucky."

Suddenly, the red glossy leggings and sports bra were in front of me again, this time with their back turned to me. The red leggings started dancing, shaking their ass and backing closer and closer to me as the drawstring on my athletic pants magically untied. As they started slipping down my legs along with my briefs, the spandex booty happily backed right into me, leaving me to rest atop its bouncing cheeks.

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