Dawn Dares Not Break

Dawn Dares Not Break

What is found in the dark is often best left there...

Chapter 1 by chalemagne chalemagne

So, as I stated earlier, this is my first attempt at a story (although I have done some role playing so I hope I'm not a total blowhard. Heh, blowhard...), so please feel free to offer suggestions.

With that said, I have held a deep, erm, interest (yeah, let's go with that) in Succubi, specifically the "Soul Drain" elements. This might mean the death of character/s, but what's the cake mean without knowing bread, no?

You walked down the cobbled streets of your home town of Aidonsburh with a look upon your handsome face only seen in those embracing a new future. You've said your goodbyes to your family and friends as they bid you a bittersweet farewell, seeing you off to your new life of adventure.

It wasn't that you disliked life in Aidonsburh, a place of roughly four dozen or so households, in fact the land was scenic and very beautiful. The town was surrounded by the Edevall forest, the only path through which were the two roads leading to town, making the town rich on trade, yet another plus. But even with all it had to offer you, Aidonsburh just didn't scratch that "itch" you felt, an itch that had been building ever since you played by the edge of the woodland with your friends, spinning great and fantastic tales of adventure glory. While your childhood friends had grown beyond such ideas, they still spoke to you when you turned 18 last month.

After having prepared for years, doing odd-jobs for a few coins, and eagerly talking with and picking up little tips tricks and training from adventurers that passed through your village, you finally had saved up enough money for a simple sword and padded cloak (the Gambeson costed more and you didn't want to wait any longer to buy it). Now you left the safety of the half-timber buildings and warm, familiar faces behind, you set out upon your quest.

Now, where to go first?

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