Daughter liked spades

Daughter liked spades

The day my daughter went black.

Chapter 1 by bigdeniro bigdeniro

Sunday was my daughter's birthday. She was turning 30 and we had a party for her and her friends. It was at my house and there were about 20 people there. Me her mom and some of our friends and her best friends. Baylee was a fantastic daughter who never gave us any problems. Sure she was a normal girl who occasionally got into trouble like, parties and drinking. She had a few boyfriends in high school but no one really serious. Baylee lived with her mother and her mom's boyfriend rich. Rich had been with my ex (Jana) for at least 6 years and was a good guy. So at her bday party she was drinking and getting stoned. She is a little over weight not fast but big. Small tits and a wonderful smile. I had heard a rumour that when she worked at Chili's she got drunk and had sex with 4 guys and it was supposedly a Hot scene. She and I were close but not that close that she could talk to me about anything. I had noticed that she had new trails on her ankle. They were be of spades with a q in the middle. I asked her about them in front of her best friend Jessica, and battle Baylee told me it was because Jessica and her loved the game. She didn't know that I knew what they really meant. They meant that she was blackened. That she loved to get fucked my black guys. I've been seen my share of blackened videos and I loved them. Later that night, I watched her in action .....

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