Daddy's girls

Daddy's girls

by Alexandar04

Chapter 1 by Alexandar04 Alexandar04

Max walks into house after a long day at medical. While he couldn't complain too much about the free medical the military offered to an IT like him it was still a long tiring process to get treated. But finally he arrives home with a baggy of medicines to take. As he walks into the house and passes the living room he spots his daughter Ashly sitting on the couch by herself which sets off alarm bells immediately. His twins were always together, hanging out, going to school, hell they even waited for each other while they used the restroom. Max wasn't entirely sure if that was normal behavior or not, but it did seem like something twins would do so he had never questioned it.

Casually slipping the bottle of pills medical had given him into his pocket he walks on over. "Did your character in that video game die again because I told you the answer is always to barrel roll!" He states with an over excited roar.

Ashly giggles at his silliness, "God, you're so old."

Max notes the red eyes and streaks down her cheeks as an angry over-protective papa-bear roars within him. "Alright spill it girlfriend. Who's ass is about to get kicked for making my little girl cry." Max states as he settles down on the couch next to his daughter and wraps his arms around her in a comforting manner.

Ashly better adjusts herself to take in his embrace before letting out a smile, something that just automatically happen despite her mood. "Dad, we both know you can't fight."

It was true, while Max wouldn't hesitate to lay the smack down on someone for his little girls he was just a military IT. In reality both his girls were not only very athletic but knew actual martial arts and where more than capable of physically defending themselves...........just like their mom.

"Not the point, besides never underestimate an IT. Now spill it, spiiiiiiill it!" He tells her as he begins to tickling her, causing more laughter to come out of her body.

"HAHAHHA, ok, FIne, HAHAHH, I'll talk, just no tickling!" She tells him. After a somber moment Ashly finally lets it out. "I-I-I failed the test today!"

Max immediately knew what she was talking about and connected the dots however he let her pour it all out.

"I failed the entrance exam into the physiology major at Lincon university!!!" Ashly states as tears begin to roll down her eyes. "Becky passed and got in but I failed! I let her down! How am I going to tell her dad!" She states as she starts sobbing into her father's chest.

"There, there" Max tells her as he starts to stroke her hair. Lincon university was a renown science and research college that required all applicants to test into their major before they could even start classes. Both of his girls had gone to take their physiology test today. "It's going to be ok."

"It's not going to be ok dad! You don't understand, no one understands!"

Max cuts her off, "I don't understand how you and Becky have to do everything together? How it all starts with attending different colleges and then escalates into hanging out with different people until eventually you're just strangers who visit each other and make awkward small talk on family holidays? Fears which I'm sure had nothing to do with the book 'Reconnecting Arrows' by Steven Mio."

Ashly blinks in stun silence as her father hits the nail on the head, even down to the source of her fears.

"Yea, so rude much saying that I, your father, doesn't know anything. First off I recommend ditching Mio and going for Ezeab's books, Mio likes to over dramatize too much."

"Please, Ezeab couldn't write anything of substance."

"Ok babygirl, you're wrong, that's a fact but we're getting off topic. Look, you and Becky are not going to become strangers just because you don't spend every waking moment with each other any more. Since the moment both of you came out of your mother's womb you've been the best of friends and I'm sure you're going to grow old together in houses right next to each other. Look I've never had a twin so I can't say I know exactly what you're going through what with her being tied so thoroughly to your own identity but I think this might be a good thing. Look no matter what you and Becky do you two will never be copies of each other but that's not a bad thing, a rainbow is beautiful because of how the different colors contrast and show each other off.

For example I know that despite both of your favorite colors being purple, you like a darker shade of purple while Becky likes a lighter shade. I know that you prefer kickball to her baseball and that also reflects in your fighting style, not to mention that in video games you prefer the story while Becky likes the gameplay. Look I can go on but my point is you don't have to do something just because your sister is doing it. To be honest I was surprised you didn't take the neurology test, you seemed to prefer focusing on the nerves in your research papers."

Ashly turns red when he mentions this. "Yo-you read my paper?" It was weird. She never realized it before but her dad really did just see her. No one saw her except for Becky, everyone always just saw them, together, one being. Not that Ashly had any problems with this, she loved being together with her sister as one part of a greater whole but her dad.....he still saw her, no matter what he still was able to pick her out.

"Of course I did! God, what kind of father do you take me for. Now moment of truth, did you honestly want to be in the physiology major or were you just doing that because that's what Becky wanted?"

Ashly looks down to the ground in an uncomfortable manner, yet for some reason she could feel her heart race. "No, you're right. I really do like neurology more."

"I thought so. So here's what I suggest. Go upstairs and talk to your sister, she's probably already figured everything out already, she is related to us after all, and then tomorrow go and take the neurology entrance exam. That way you two will still be going to the same college, have a lot of similar classes and still be able to get a job working together."

Ashly blinks in surprise. "But it's too late to sign up for the"

"Did you forget what I said earlier? Don't worry about it, just show up for the test and let your amazing father take care of everything else. Your name will be on the sheet!" Max states with supreme confidence, confidence which Ashly liked.

"Thank you so much dad."

"Any time kido and remember, don't think of your relationship with Becky as this blob thing that you need or else you're nothing. While it's true that when you two are together you're like a god that's capable of doing anything, even apart you're still a beautiful, highly intelligent, charming, athletic girl. Hell some people would call you a Mary Sue." Max states with a wink.

"Oh, shut up." Ashly replies back with a huge smile on her face as her heart continues to do knots in her chest.

"A good relationship is all about two awesome people, raising each other up to god like levels. Just like you girls bring out the best in me despite us being so different I know that you'll always bring out the best in each other." He tells her.

This time Ashly doesn't respond, she instinctively just leans in to give her dad a kiss, a kiss on the lips. It was just a quick peak on the lips but on the inside she was doing back-flips as she finally realized what was going on. She was in love. Ashly pulls back, it must have been only a second but even still her father turns a shade of red as he looks nervously to the side,

"Well, then, yup, you should get back to your sister."

Awwww, that's so cute, he's embarrassed. That just made Ashly love him even more. That's why her body was being so weird now, it was telling her that he was the one, the soul mate she had read about and joked about with Becky, right under their noses this whole time.

"Right away dad. We'll be done for dinner in a little while." She tells him before turning to go upstairs, licking her lips so that she could better enjoy his taste.

Max watches as Ashly heads upstairs, sometimes he was a little worried about how close his twins were but given the fact they were twins with such a unique condition he reasoned it was normal that they'd be so close.

What makes them special?

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