Cute Neighbour


Chapter 1 by TobieSensual TobieSensual

It's the middle of summer, you're in your room like every day. Looking.

It just so happens that the next door neighbour is a very sexy 20 year old girl, Cora. You watch her almost every day of the week, your houses are next to each other and you both have your room on the second floor, so you have easy access you her room.

You have binoculars inside your room which you use to get a better view.

You can see her opening her door now, you saw her coming home so you were ready. She's standing in the middle of the room stretching, it looks like she was out for a jog. Bending over, touching her toes. Giving me the best view of the show, just like she knew I was watching.

Her sweaty ass was making the shorts stick to her body, not leaving much to the imagination, you can feel yourself getting hard. But just as you take your cock out, Cora leaves the room.

Disappointed, you lay down on your bed and take a nap.

30 minutes pass and you wake up from your dreams of Cora's sexy body pressed against yours. Hastily you grab the binoculars and scan her room, seems like she's not there. You look around the house and woe and behold, there she was.

She was suntanning on the backside of the house, which only your house and her house could see, it was surrounded by bushes. She is laying on her stomach, entirely nude. Her sweet ass pointing up just waiting to be worshipped. Her boobs pushing out from the sides.

You decide to make your way to your backside of the house to get a better view.

How do you get a better view?

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