A virus that transforms people who succumb to it into voluptuous sex-zombies. Dirty mischief ensues.

Chapter 1 by Cr4ck Cr4ck


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Robert sighed again, he had finally gotten alone with the abandoned project, CR-4CK, or "Crack" as he preferred to call it. It was originally supposed to be a new kind of aphrodisiac but the got project shut down once the severe side effects became apparent.

The substance was very dangerous. Once someone was affected by it, any extended amount of sexual arousal lead to severe mutations: infected men had their dicks grow to extreme sizes, often their balls as well, along with a severely increased sperm production. Women had their breasts and ass expanded to beyond realistic proportions and started producing milk, pregnant or not. Other changes such as lips getting fuller, hair longer and extreme orgasms had also been reported. Both genders' strength notably increased, even tho the mens were more apparent due to more vissible growth. Bodily needs were almost eliminated, food was no longer required, and bodily waste turned into sexual fluids such as cum to help infectees fulfill their new purpose. But most important of all, the behavior of the infected completely changed from their natural one, being completely replaced with the urge to have sex with anyone they could. The substance, or virus, now had one purpose: to reprogram anyone it infected into a sex crazed beast. The reasoning for Robert's nickname of he virus comes from the very unusual characteristic where a distinct"cracking" sound can be heard once an infected reaches the point of enough sexual activity. When someone get infected by it, nothing immediately happens however, once the "crack" happens mutation usually instantly starts taking effect, and is usually finnished within the next couple of seconds. Robert felt that this cracking sound pretty much symbolized the infected's mind snapping and ceasing to exist.

And now he finally had the formula in his hands. There were only a few samples, a handful of vials, all filled with a clear liquid. Robert had always been an odd one out among the facility's employees, usually being the butt of a joke or something worse. You would think that everyone would find their own crew at such a large complex, but no, he absolutely hated every single person he had ever talked to during his time here. He himself was no scientist, "only" the IT-guy who maintained the facility, controlled the cameras and so on. He was alone on the IT job as the eggheads upstairs didn't want to spend more money on his position. He had not even met most of the people higher up, yet he knew he hated them as well. He wanted revenge, yet he didn't know if he wanted this. He sat down on one of the empty boxes in the room, staring at the vials and thinking about what this would imply. He wanted to free the virus and turn all of the other assholes who worked there into sex-crazed zombies, no doubt about that. However he knew that once that happened, it was very likely to escape the lab and into the world. He also knew that there was a high likelihood of him falling victim to the virus himself in the end, but did he care? Maybe being a sex zombie wasn't so bad, he never got laid normally anyway so that would've been a step up at least.

So where do we go from here? Do we follow Robert or do we continue on an alternative path in the story?

Where do we go?

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