Based around my life

Chapter 1 by kitykatkaty kitykatkaty

Kat looked both ways and crossed the street, she hugged her coat in desperation to keep the cold off her bare skin underneath. She had been instructed to wear nothing but her snow boots and a coat. She turned into the alley and bent over slightly putting her hands against the cold brick wall the coat flew open making her shiver. Knowing that if she did something about it she would be in trouble. Kat stood in the cold with her hands against the wall for what she guessed was about 25 minutes. when a hand slid up her inner thigh and lifted the coat up, only to expose her ass and cunt. she stood there quivering. The man behind her let go of the coat.

"Name" She could barely hear what he said over the howling wind

"My name is Kat sir" she quickly replied.

The man behind her slapped her ass and she yelped


"I have no last name"

He slapped her ass again "take off your coat now!"

Kat hesitated remembering when she had first been first kicked out of the orphanage and forced to turn to prostitution to make money and now she was here on a cold winter night naked and exposed. she pulled her coat off and let it fall to the ground. Her cheeks turned red with shame.

The man who she had met online put a gag in her mouth and handcuffed her arms in front of her. she felt a needle and everything went black.....

Where Does Kat wake up?

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