Cartoon overlord

Cartoon overlord

Conquer the many worlds of cartoons or Die hillariously trying!

Chapter 1 by footMan12 footMan12

It is time…

After years of trial and error…

After years hardship and insanity…

It is time, time for a new cartoon overlord!


Deep within the darkness of your evil lair, plot and ponder your evil plan to conquer all of the cartoon universes.

Eventually you come up with seven important steps that you need in order to begin conquering cartoon worlds.

One: You need a loyal henchman or henchwoman to help begin the groundwork.

Two: You require an army of disposable minions that are utterly loyal to you and are willing to die for you. (multiple times if needed!)

Three: You require a way to deal with pesky heroes who may invade your evil lair.

Four: You need to conquer at least one world nor to have the necessary resources to feed and clothe your army.

Five: You need a space for your conquered lovers to live in comfortably.

Six: You must ensure none of the other universes learn of your campaign otherwise they will band together and stop you.

Seven: Conquer as many worlds as possible.

With this thought done and you take a look around your evil lair and see what kind of overlord you’ve chosen to become.

(Note All Charaters in this story will be aged up to 18 years old if they are not already so.)

(Disclaimer: All author's that contribute do not own any of the worlds, characters, or history's. those belong to their respective owners. Unfortunatley...)

What is your Type of Evil Overlord are you?

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