Cartoon Robo-Sluts

Cartoon Robo-Sluts

Make your own cartoon robo-slut

Chapter 1 by kire5613 kire5613

Thank you for calling Toon Robosluts. We are the top selling robotic company of our class. We provided top natch Robotic sex dolls for over 8 years and now have gotten provision from several animation companies to make a new line of sex dolls based on several of your favorite cartoon series and can be customized in any way. Just place an order you will receive within 2-4 business days. Then you can use your robotic lover in any way you see fit.

(If character is underage, it will be made 17 or higher.)

Now please pick a cartoon channel.

For Cartoon Network, Press 1.

For Nickelodeon, Press 2.

For Disney Cartoons, Press 3.

(This includes the Disney channels and any cartoon on them.)

For other options, Press the pound sign.


Which will you choose?

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