Can you resist being a cuckold?

Can you resist being a cuckold?

Chapter 1 by featherless featherless

You sat there in your bed naked with your gorgeous wife who was also naked. Her name was Nichole she had green eyes shoulder-length dark hair and flawless peach skin. Her tits were an amazing c cup borderline d cup and her butt was fabulous.

"I can't believe I married someone with such a small dick." she teased while giving you a hand job.

"Your lovers beforehand were bigger?" you snapped back

"Heck yeah! they fucked me like a real men haha." she began to play with her self while stroking you faster.

"Oh and I can't fuck you well" you say sarcastically. "Umm" you begin to feel hot, your wife never mentioned her ex lover's cock sizes before. You didn't want to cum early because you need to prove your wife wrong but looking at her pleasuring herself to the memories of past lovers just made you harder.

Can you resist cumming early?

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