Camping with the family

Camping with the family

The title says it all

Chapter 1 by qwertyuiop[] qwertyuiop[]

(Thank you all for choosing to read my story. I hope you enjoy. I will be working on creating new chapters and paths and adding them to the story as often as I can but life is busy so I may hit slow spots for new chapters. Most new chapters will likely show up on weekends. Check back often if you enjoy this story. I plan to make this a very large story with tons of different paths that can be taken with many different styles to the path in terms of events occurring. Feel free to like, favorite and bookmark your favorite chapters to let me know if this story is as good as I hope it is. If you feel something could be better, please leave me a comment or send a message to let me know what you think. Try to stick to constructive criticism so that I actually take your considerations into account. Again thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!)

It all started on partly sunny Friday right after getting out of school for summer break at the end of my junior year. My parents had decided to take the family and go on a nice family camping trip into the woods upstate as a way to help bond the family together because, well to be honest, the kids in the family did not get along very often as siblings often don’t. Speaking of siblings, I guess I forgot to mention how I am a 19 year-old male from a little town in southern New York and I have two younger sisters. I guess for the point of the story I guess I should also describe all of us. Descriptions of my parents are kind of useless because they basically have no role in the story, but like I said earlier, I am a 19 year-old male with brown hair, brown eyes, and I am tall for my age. I am about average weight for my age and size though so that is always a bonus. I also, for all my imaginative female readers out there, have about a 7.5 inch penis. Not huge, but I don’t know of many ladies that would disagree if I said that wielded properly it would do the job.

Anyway, on to the sisters. The older of the two twins, Bella, is 18 years old. She is about 5’ 1” and maybe a 100 pounds. She really is toned, athletic, and if you ask me, not that I would ever tell her, very pretty. Her boobs aren’t the largest but they would fill out a solid b-cup and there is plenty to get ahold of. The younger twin, Mia, is kind of a spoiled brat. She is only 18 years old but she looks like she could be a twenty-five year-old supermodel. She has that sexy but subtle hourglass figure and a flat belly. She only really possesses maybe a small b-cup or a large a-cup, but they are still large enough to be tantalizing under a sports bra or tight t-shirt. I think that about covers it for the family so onto the story.

Anyway, the Friday after school ended for the girls, Mom and Dad sat us down and told all of us that we were going on a camping trip upstate in an attempt to get us to bond with each other so that the home life could be happier. Well, as you have probably figured out, it didn’t go over real well. I was fine with it because I loved to camp. The girls on the other hand, not so much. Bella gave the shocked look and did the, “You want me to go days without a shower or proper toilet just to bond with my brother and sister? You must be nuts. That ain’t gonna happen.” Mia tried to negotiate her way out by asking, “Come on. How about I do extra chores this week. Please, don’t make have to spend time with them in a place I don’t even like.” Well, the parents were having none of that out of either of them so it was decided that we were going, no other option, but each of us got a perk to be approved by them if we just cooperated. Sounded like a real deal to me.

So, they first asked Mia what she wanted her perk to be. Mia said, “Can I bring my friend Riley along?” Unfortunately my parents said yes to that. Let me explain why that sucked so much for me. In most comparisons, Riley was almost as pretty as Mia with all the assets in all the right places. The difference, it wasn’t morally wrong to stare at her hotness compared to it being wrong to stare at my sister’s hotness (this is ignoring the obvious age difference dilemma). Like Mia, Riley is also 18 years old. They are both about 5’ 3” but where Mia has long dark brown hair, Riley has long dirty blond hair. Riley’s personality is also dang near polar opposite of Mia’s. Now you see my dilemma. If any of you have ever gone camping, you understand that it shows parts of people that are better left unseen, both physical parts and metaphorical parts. I was already in for a long week of camping and we hadn’t even gotten to Bella’s perk. Bella ended up deciding that her perk should be that we go to a campground that has access to a real toilet and sink. Okay, no concern to me.

What is your perk?

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